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Satview tv

Satview TV Network offers over 50 premium channels for free via satellite television. It is a Direct-To-Home (DTH) Satellite TV Network that broadcasts movies, general entertainment, shopping, news and commerce, kids, sports, music, ethnic channels, religion, documentary, and lifestyle programming as local stations.

What is Satview TV

Satview Network is Nigeria’s first direct-to-home satellite service provider with PREMIUM CHANNELS that does not require a subscription. You may watch popular movies, sports, dramas, children’s programming, and educational programming on over 50 channels without a monthly subscription.

However, Satview is free, but it also offers three alternative premium bouquets with popular foreign channels. Satview Plus, Satview Plus More, and Satview Plus More Extra are the three bouquets available. Its channels are now available and open for free until May 1, 2021, when they become commercially available to paying users.

I will tell you everything you need to know about Satview TV, from its frequency to its symbol rate to the channels it offers. Up until May 1, 2021, subscribers to the direct-to-home TV (DTH) satellite service are free to use. Currently, there is no monthly price to use it, and you may use all of its premium channels for no charge whatsoever.

Satview Dish Position, Frequency, Symbol Rate, And Polarity

Without wasting much of your time, you can use the below details to track Satview right away but if you are not sure how to do it or have the necessary equipment, contact an installer to help you.

  • Direction: 42.5 Degrees East
  • Frequency: 12.589
  • Symbol Rate: 26.250
  • Polarity: H

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Satview Coverage

You must be asking yourself whether Satview is trackable in your location or not. Well, you don’t have to worry. Satview Network’s satellite broadcast footprint covers West Africa and most of Central Africa at the premium Satellite position of 42.5°East.

GOtv, DStv, and TSTv will have some competition from this new Paid TV provider. Satview, like TStv, is doing a live test transmission with full access to more than 50 channels to see how well it works.

Can a Strong Receiver be used to track Satview channels?

Yes, that is the answer. With a Strong HD decoder, you can track and watch Satview Satellite TV channels and enjoy all of their content. All you have to do now is find a functional dish and decoder and then hire an installation to assist you put it up for a charge. Receiving the Satview Network signal does not need payment of any membership fees, monthly fees, or activation costs. The client’s satellite receiving equipment is only purchased once.

Satview TV Channels

Below is the list of channels you can enjoy for free when you install this satellite cable in your home or office.

Information (Numbers of Channels 1)

  • Satview Network Info (Channel 100)

General Entertainment (Number Of Channels 6)

  • Wawu (Channel 101)
  • Dexterity TV Entem (Channel 102)
  • Tanger Tv (Channel 103)
  • Family Network Africa (Channel 104)
  • Comedy Channel (Channel 105)
  • Game Show 24 (Channel 106)

Movies (Number Of Channels 8)

  • Telenivela 24 (Channel 151)
  • Blockbuster 24 (Channel 152)
  • Tele Series 24 (Channel 153)
  • Bollywood 24 (Channel 154)
  • Nollywood (Channel 155)
  • Chinaland 24 (Channel 156)
  • Afro Series 24 (Channel 157)
  • Kingdom Movies (Channel 158)

News And Commerce (Number Of Channels 3)

  • TN2 (Channel 201)
  • Business Plus TV (Channel 202)
  • TVC News (Channel 203)

Children (Number Of Channels 3)

  • Juniors Network (Channel 251)
  • Keens Network (Channel 252)
  • Spins (Channel 253)

Sport (Number Of Channels 2)

  • The Sports Channel (Channel 301)
  • SportOn (Channel 302)

Music (Number Of Channels 2)

  • Gbedu (Channel 351)
  • Dvides (Channel 352)

Religion (Number Of Channels 1)

  • Kingdom Africa (Channel 401)

Documentary And LifeStyle (Number Of Channels 11)

  • Docu TV 24 (Channel 451)
  • Lifestyle 24 (Channel 452)
  • Reality TV 24 (Channel 453)
  • Fitfam TV 24 (Channel 454)
  • Food Network 24 (Channel 455)
  • Animal Channel 24 (Channel 456)
  • CSTV (Channel 457)
  • Eventful (Channel 458)
  • Connect TV (Channel 459)
  • Dare To Dream (Channel 460)
  • Flourish (Channel 461)

Ethnic (Number Of Channels 10)

  • Amuludun (Channel 501)
  • Ngwunu (Channel 502)
  • Hasken (Channel 503)
  • Mozuti (Channel 504)
  • Mozuti 2 (Channel 505)
  • Ijaw TV (Channel 506)
  • Ibibio (Channel 507)
  • Kanuri TV (Channel 508)
  • Tiv TV (Channel 509)
  • Fulfude TV (Channel 510)

Local Stations (Number Of Channels 1)

  • NTAi (Channel 551)

Shopping (Number Of Channels 3)

  • D Mall (Channel 601)
  • Reality 24 (Channel 602)
  • Trips TV (Channel 603)

Education (Number Of Channels 4)

  • TV School Primary (Channel 651)
  • TV School JS (Channel 652)
  • TV School SS (Channel 653)
  • TV School A-Level (Channel 654)

Satview Customer care phone number, Address, and Email

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Satview TV using the information provided below.

Address: The Dexterity Place, 2 Dexterity Close, Behind Skye Bank, Ring Road, Ibadan, Nigeria


Phone: +234(0) 805 155 1000


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