How to speak with MTN Customer Care Rep without stress via 180

MTN Customer Care

Calling MTN Nigeria customer care can be quite taxing at times but now in this post, you are going to find a straightforward route to get across a customer care agent.

On the MTN customer care platform, subscribers are segmented. Yes, of course. That is to tell you that MTN valued loyalty seriously, thus segmented its customer service platform into about five but categorized into two: Premium and standard subscribers. The more you stay put with MTN, the more benefits you enjoy from the mobile operator.

Customers in the premium segment have direct access to speak with an agent after the customer’s account balance has been provided, account recharge, and change language options have been listed.

However, subscribers below the Premium segment find it a bit difficult to get across to any agent, so they advised to follow the below steps for easy access to them:

How To Easily Reach Any MTN Customer Care Rep?

  • Dial 180
  • Press 5 for support
  • Press 0 to speak with a Customer Care Rep

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Before now, it was option 9-6-0 after connecting to 180. Kindly drop your comment on your experience below.

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