How to Download Android Apps Not Available in Your Country

Have you ever attempted to download a popular app or software that you were looking forward to only to discover that it was unavailable in your country?

This can be very annoying and frustrating, nevertheless, there is a solution to that! As in this article, we will be providing you with an efficient solution on a way on how to download and install apps not available in your country’s working method 2023.

Whatever country you are trying to download the app from maybe from the play store this method applies to all.

Reason Why You Keep Receiving This App is not Available In Your Country 

There are a lot of reasons for you to keep receiving this kind of message when a certain app is unavailable in your country. 

  1. It’s possible that the developer of the app has not yet made it available in your region. There are many reasons for this which can apply to the laws or regulations of your region or location.
  2. The app does not function well in your region.
  3. The app might have been banned in your country because of a copyright issue, inappropriate content it contains, or disapproval of the app in another country.
  4. When an app service detects your location, it may automatically deny you access or let me just say full access to the service due to some regulations. These are common in all survey apps; if you go through some of them, you will notice that a lot of survey apps and websites are only available in some particular regions, for example, the USA, and to download any of them, you must be a resident of such a country.

What if you don’t reside in the USA but want to download some of the apps? Don’t worry, that’s why I’ve put down a detailed guide on how to download apps that are not available in your country. With these guides, you will be able to bypass any country-restricted apps.

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How To Download Apps Not Available In Your Country


Method 1: Using a VPN Service

Users can create a virtual IP address for their device using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This makes their phone invisible to regional servers and makes the Android operating system think that it is located somewhere else.

The majority of VPN providers let users choose any preferred location of their choice. This implies that you can set the location to any preferred country of your choice and download the app from the play store.

Without wasting much time, let’s get to the procedure on how to download Android apps not available in your country using VPN.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device, and download any VPN app of your choice. Turbo VPN is recommended which offers top-notch VPN service for free.
  2. After you’ve downloaded it, open up the Turbo VPN app and tap on the Orange Carrot icon.
  3. You will be automatically connected to the fastest IP address.
  4. From the app’s Home screen, you can just tap on the country flag icon at the top right corner if you wish to change to another country IP.
  5. A list of available country Ip addresses will be displayed to you just select one based on your requirements, in this case, select USA.
  6. Visit to see if your IP address has switched to the country you connected your VPN to. The country name and IP address will be displayed to you.
  7. Let’s move to the next step.
  8. Open Settings on your phone and tap on App Management to see all apps.
  9. Note: This settings option might vary depending on your phone version, so in case you don’t see the App Management option, just go from your phone settings to your Apps and search for Google play store.
  10. Locate Google Play Store and click on it.
  11. From the app info page, click on Storage and Cache.
  12. Click on Clear data or storage. This won’t affect any of your installed apps it is 100% safe so there is nothing to worry about. 
  13. Reopen the Play Store app and click on the profile icon at the top right corner.
  14. To hide your location, switch to a different Google account. This step is optional.
  15. Now, Search for the country-restricted app you want to download. It will be available for download.

Method 2: Install country-restricted Apps using APKs Sites

Apk is the file format for storing data for Android apps. You can find APK files for almost every application on the internet. They can be downloaded directly without altering your Play Store settings, but due to security issues, it is advisable not to download any apps from every site you see as most of them might infect your device with a virus or even steal your data.

We suggest ApkPure as it is one of the most reliable APK sources. To install country-restricted apps using APKpure follow these steps on how to download apps not available in your country without VPN.

  1. Use any web browser to navigate to the Apkpure official website.
  2. At the top right corner of the screen using the search icon, type the name of the app you want to download.
  3. Then tap on Download to start downloading your app.
  4. The app can be found in your Download folder after it has been downloaded. Install the app from there.
  5. Grant permission access to install unknown apps from this source if it is your first time installing.
  6. The region-restricted app will be installed in no time.

With the above procedure, you should be able to download another country app from the play store.

The comments section of this post is open for you if you encounter any issues with the above guide. I hope you found this guide useful. And also, don’t forget to join our WhatsApp and Telegram channels below to receive instant updates from us. 

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