GOtv Problems and Solutions (Activation, Fix Error)


GOtv Problems and Solutions (Activation, Fix Error) – If you are one of the GOtv subscribers facing any kind of problems or unable to watch your GOtv after payment then welcome onboard, this guide will help you get your problem solved with ease.

Many GOtv users have complained that they are still unable to watch any TV channels after paying for their subscription, that is to say, that after payment the channels are still encrypted.

In this post, we are going to find out why you are still not able to watch your favorite TV channels on GOtv after payment and how you can solve such a problem. Before we proceed let me remind you that GOtv and Dstv are owned by Multichoice, a South African owned firm. I strongly believe that you will find a solution to whatever problem you are facing with your GOtv because I know how it works.

GOtv subscription problems and solutions

To make things easier for you, I am going to list types of problems that you might probably be facing right now as a new user. However, the first issue you might have is to activate the GOtv after purchase.


I have received more than 400 comments for this post coming from people having one problem or the other and some solutions I provided below are not that effective in some cases but I am going to help with more effective solation.

First, you must know where your problem is coming from, I mean why your GOtv is not working, it’s only when you know where the problem is coming from that you can think of the solution.

Why your GOtv is not working

I have been helping GOtv users to solve the problem of not able to view their GOtv channels after subscription. If you are on this page then you might be facing one of the problems I will list below:

  • You left your GOtv for too long before subscribing: During Xmas period hundreds of GOtv user encountered an error and was unable to view GOtv after subscription. The reason is that most of them bought GOtv in the village and left it for months only to come back during Xmas to subscribe and use it which will not work until you contact GOtv.
  • You failed to upgrade or downgrade your GOtv account: Some GOtv users will just jump from one subscription plan to another without using the upgrade or downgrade features. If you are migrating to GOtv plan higher than the plan you were before then it’s called upgrade but if you are subscribing to a plan lower than the plan you subscribed before then it’s a downgrade. So you must inform the person that will subscribe for you to upgrade or downgrade the plan but when you just pay without following this process it won’t work till you call GOtv customer care number
  • You paid an amount lower than the subscription plan: In most cases, I have seen some users who paid amount lesser than the recommend subscription price. If such happens then the subscription will not work till you pay the remaining balance. It’s important to check the price of the GOtv plan you wish to subscribe to before making payment.

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What you can do to solve the problem

When I created this post I was helping lots of GOtv users to solve their issues but at a point, it starts taking all my time and honestly I am not a GOtv agent or in any way affiliated to them, in fact, they don’t even know that someone like me exist. So I had to stop and focus on my business but am not happy seeing people crying for help without me helping them. I will show you how to solve certain issues on your own

  1. Download MyGOtv App here if you are using an Android phone
  2. Install it and open the app
  3. When you open the app you will see some options like Country, Name or phone number and IUC number
  4. Select the country you are from on the list, Input your name or phone number connected to your GOtv account and then input your IUC number and click Login.
  5. If every information provided is correct then you will be logged into your profile.

Once you are in, you will be able to clear errors, reconnect your GOtv, downgrade or upgrade your GOtv account in one click. It will be easier for you to make a payment, you will not be needing agents to subscriber your GOtv for you.

If you are still not able to solve the problem then contact GOtv using this number 08039044688 if you are in Nigeria or find other GOtv customer numbers here

How to Activate GOtv after purchase 

 If you are new to GOtv you need to activate your account to start watching but when you buy from GOtv distributors they will help you with the activation process if not you look for a helping hand to activate it especially if you are not familiar with it.

However, you have two options, you either do it yourself or look for GOtv installer if you cannot do it on your own but I bet you can if you pay attention to this guide.

Visit GOtv online portal at and click on Activate Me option located at the top navigation menus. You will be taken to another page where you will be requested to fill your details.


Activation Process

  • Select Country
  • Fill your Surname
  • Enter Your IUC number
  • Your phone number
  • Click Activate

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Gotv is not just in Nigeria but also in other African countries that is why you need to indicate the country you are from. The surname is also important to be able to identify who you are when the need arises.

Well, the term IUC might be strange to you but it’s a 10-digit identifier number that is unique to your GOtv account and GOtv decoder. The IUC number is also known as Customer Number or the Serial number of your GOtv decoder. You can find this IUC or Serial number at the back of your GOtv decoder.

To complete the activation process you still need to add your phone number and then hit the activation button below and you are good to go.

Payment successful but no channel is showing (Fix Error)

Sometimes after payment, your GOtv will not show any channel, it’s because their system failed to reactivate your account automatically, what you do is to clear the errors or reconnect your account. The good news is that there is a web portal where customers can easily clear errors and reconnect to GOtv after payment.

Goto GOtv page here insert your IUC number and enter security captcha, the cleck FIX ERROR and you will be reconnected in a few seconds.

Error clearing Process

  • Input your IUC number or which is also your GOtv Serial number.
  • Click to select your GOtv decoder type (GOTVE16 or GOTVE30) ignore it if you are not sure.
  • Enter captcha code which is 6765c5 (Your own captcha will be different from the one you see above).

Gotv account disconnected after subscription

When you fail to pay your monthly subscription you will be disconnected from GOtv until you ready to pay and to do that you will need to follow the GOtv reconnection process. You can visit the nearest GOtv office in your location to pay and get reconnected, however, you can still do it on your own if you follow this process.

Visit GOtv Eazy self-service portal here and make a payment since you were disconnected because you failed to pay your subscription

Reconnect Me Process

  • Enter your IUC/Serial number (10-digit identifier number that is unique to your GOtv account)
  • Select your country (Select your country if you are not in Nigeria)
  • Enter the captcha (Ensures that you are human)
  • Click Verify (Pulls your account details and takes your to the online payment page)

GOtv Account suspended (Asked to contact customer care)

Sometimes when you migrate from one package to another, like when you migrate from GOtv Plus to GOtv Max you will be suspended and asked to contact their support for reactivation. When something like this happens simply contact GOtv customer care to verify your ownership and your account will be reactivated instantly.

  • Your name (The name used during registration of your GOtv)
  • Phone number (Must be phone number used to register)
  • The last amount paid etc.

If you have any questions or need help just ask and you will get a prompt response.

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