BeeBeeJump Solar S1 | Best Alternative to MTN Lumos

BeeBeeJump Solar S1

What a strange name (BeeBeeJump Solar S1) as it sounds. However, this is the best MTN Lumos solar alternative I have seen so far, and I will explain everything you need to know about this portable and affordable solar system. If you are looking for an affordable solar system similar to MTN Lumos, you need to read this post from the beginning until the end.

I have used MTN Lumos and am still using it now, but my experience and what I passed through are not what I wish anyone to go through. I hate that MTN always increases the monthly subscription price at their will. The only way to enjoy MTN Lumos is o buy it outrightly to avoid monthly subscriptions.

I am not here to tell you about my experience with MTN, but I am only happy to introduce this excellent solar system called BeeBeeJump Solar S1. I can tell you that it offered more power and overall value compared to MTN Lumos.

What is BeeBeeJump Solar S1?

BeeBeeJump Solar S1 is a portable solar system designed to provide you with 24/7 electricity. It has all the features that Lumos has and even more. With this solar system, you can power your house and offices at an affordable price. It doesn’t require any monthly subscriptions.

Unlike MTN Lumos, you can charge this solar system with NEPA/PHCN with the follow-come charge and will also be able to charge it through a solar panel, you will be able to power your LED Tv, cable decoders, fan, and lights. You will also be able to charge your phone when you want and how you want with this solar system.

However, BeeBeeJump Solar S1 is not big enough for those who wish to power heavy appliances like Air-conditionals, Washing machines fridges, and other heavy electrical appliances.

Features & Capacity

This solar system is built with a 338W battery big and is strong enough to provide a lighting solution to one-room and mini flats apartments, it also comes with a 160W solar panel designed to charge the solar system faster and securely. The good news is that it comes with a special charging adapter that enables you to charge the solar system with NEPA/PHCN, I am sure you understand what I meant by NEPA/PHCN (Grid power).

MTN Lumos never came with a charge but they later introduced a grid charger for the Lumos which they sold between 20k and above with this solar system you have everything at your disposal with any additional charges. However, you will also be getting a free DC standing fan along with 2 LED bulbs which is another plus.

One of the most frequently asked questions about solar systems is how long will it power my Tv and GOtv/DStv decoder? Well, I am using MTN Lumos solar system and I can tell you that it will be hard to ascertain such details because how long it last depends on the type of appliances you use and how many you plugged at the same time. Being able to charge this solar system with NEPA and solar panels is a big advantage.

BeeBeeJump Solar S1 Price

I came across this solar system in one of the Nigerian popular websites known as and after going through the details of the solar system, I decided to share it with you guys because it’s a perfect alternative to MTN Lumos solar system. I am not writing this with any biased mind nor am I writing about solar to make money from the sale because I am not in any form of partnership with them but when I see a good product I will share it without anything attached.

However, the price listed for this solar system on this website is ₦250,000 which is still better and if you doubt it then you must check the comparison between the BeeBeeJump Solar S1 and MTN Lumos then see the comparison table below.

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What’s in the Box?

Below are the things that come together with the solar system, When you buy this solar ensure you have the following items with the solar box.

Solar accessories
  • The Indoor solar unit
  • 160 watts panel
  • Free DC brush-less fan
  • 150W inverter
  • NEPA/PHCN charger
  • 2 LED bulbs

What can the solar system power?

When you look at the image above you will see what this solar system can power but you should also see the difference between the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) supported electrical appliances. If you use AC-supported appliances then you have a 150W inverter output that enables you to power your fan, sound system, Laptops, and low-current LED TVs.

To my understanding, this is just for illustration purposes because whether its AC or DC, all you need is the right gadgets and you will be able to power the same amount of appliances, I am saying this from my experience with the MTN Lumos because I have been using it since 2017 to date.

BeeBeeJump Solar S1 Warranty & Support + Other details

From what I can understand from the image above, the BeeBeeJump Solar S1 has different warranties for the solar accessories, Inverter, battery, and panel. Let me make it more clear for your to understand.

  • The solar battery has a warranty and gives you free repair on-site for five years
  • Panel and accessories like charger and inverter have between 1-2 years of warranty, and if anything happens to it, they will fix it for you during the warranty period.

BeeBeeJump Solar S1 VS MTN Lumos solar system (Yello box)

Before you make the necessary decision, I am going to compare the MTN Lumos solar system with this BeeBeeJump Solar S1. However, MTN Lumos comes in 2 variants, Lumos Eco solar system and Lumos Prime solar system, so carefully look at the comparison table below to know what is best for you.

Features Solar S1 Lumos Eco Lumos Prime

Battery Size 338wh 200wh 330wh

Panel Szie 160w 80w 80w x 2 = 160w

Ports 2, Cigarette lighter sockets

2, USB ports

2, 12V DC outlet

2, Cigarette lighter sockets

2, 5V USB ports

4, 12V DC outlet 1, Cigaratte light socket

2, 5V USB ports

4, 12V DC outlet

Monthly Subscription No Yes or buy outrightly Yes or buy outrightly

Follow come Inverter 150w 60w 150w

Price N250,000 N200,000 N260,000

Feel free to share your opening about this portable solar system.

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