GOtv is strongly asking their millions of viewers in Nigeria and a few other African countries to update their decoders’ channel list as soon as possible. Recently, users could observe a warning notice, which appears on the GOtv screen whenever the decoder is booting. There have been some changes in the numbering and allocation of channels on the GOtv grid of channels. This saw the introduction of new channels on the GOtv subscription platforms. However, not everyone would still have access to these new channels because it depends on the GOtv subscription package one subscribes to. Therefore, the warning to update the GOtv channel list has come for several reasons, which everyone must comply with. Therefore, I shall show you not only how to update the GOtv decoder channel list, but also why you need to keep your channel grid up-to-date at all times.

First of all, let us look at why it is necessary to always update the GOtv channel list.


Occasionally, MultiChoice GOtv introduces new channels as well as new interactive features made possible by enhanced technologies. Just as it applies to why keep Decoder software up-to-date, the GOtv platform can only interact perfectly with receivers that are working with the latest versions of software and data. Now, I shall list out and explain some reasons why you need to keep your GOtv decoder list of channels and software up-to-date.


To avoid channel allocation conflict, GOtv would prompt viewers to update their decoder’s list of channels during the boot process. What happens is that GOtv has effected some changes in the list of channels. Either they added or removed, or would have rearranged some listings. When this happens newly, GOtv might continue supporting the former channel listing pattern, but this only lasts a while. However, they would continue to prompt you to update your channel list during that period. The longer it takes you to comply with the channel list update, the more detached your decoder is from the support grid. One could notice such detachment when the decoder begins to malfunction.

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Failure to effect this update, the time come when the GOtv channels go out of support and would then need serious hard resets. The newly introduced channels would not appear, and the existing ones might begin to crack or blink as if trying to shut down. Sometimes, these overdue problems are reasons GOtv decoder gets stuck on software upgrades. Therefore, it is very important to comply with any directives to update the GOtv channel list whenever prompted on screen.


Another reason to ensure you regularly update the channel list lies in the GOtv decoder functionality. The channel list is an integral part of the larger GOtv operating system, which requires updates to stay afloat. Without a prompt update, the decoder losses support from the GOtv supply grid, and the center would no longer hold. Consequently, the operating software collapses.

To ensure full functionality of your GOtv decoder list of channels and software, it is very important to update whenever the prompt comes on screen.

Now that we know why we must update the GOtv channel list regularly, let us now check out how to do this very important update on our GOtv decoders.


Usually, the decoder prompts on the TV screen and requests you to press OK to commence the channel list update. However, in case this does not happen, follow these steps to update your channel list from scratch.

  • On your GOtv remote control, press the MENU button to open the menu options.
  • scroll down to ADVANCED OPTIONS and press OK to open it
  • Amongst the options that appear, scroll to INSTALLATIONS, and press OK to select it.
  • Scroll to AUTOMATIC SCAN and press OK to select it.

This action begins the updating of the GOtv channel list. At this point, please do not interrupt this process until it completes. At completion, the decoder will reboot on its own. Afterward, you would see the changes in the list of GOtv channels, including the new channels and the rearranged ones.

Please NOTE that you can also apply this measure if any of your previous channels suddenly disappear from the listing. Sometimes, loss of GOtv signal strength can cause some channels to disappear without warning.

This is how to update the GOtv channel list in a few simple steps.

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