Palmpay Early Refund- All you need to know

Palmpay is an innovative digital wallet platform that allows users to easily carry out transactions such as payments, money transfers, and bill payments. One of the unique features of Palmpay is its Early Refund program, which offers users an additional layer of protection when making transactions.

The Palmpay Early Refund program allows users to request a refund for transactions that did not go as expected. This means that if a user makes a payment and does not receive the expected goods or services, they can request a refund from Palmpay.

This service comes with a fee of 100 naira per month. Once you subscribe for an early refund once, it covers all failed transfers for a whole 30 days.

About 90% of transactions are successful within 60 seconds but some may take longer due to network downtime.

How Palmpay Early Refund Works

Palmpay would normally await feedback from our partners on the status of these transactions after 24 hours before they can make a refund but the PalmPay Early refund guarantees a refund for any delayed transaction in 2 hours.

PalmPay will refund the money while they await a refund from their partners if the transaction fails. However, if the transaction is eventually successful, they will immediately charge your account for the value refunded.


  • Automatic Refund
  • Refund for any delay after 2 hours
  • Covers up to ₦10,000 for a single transaction
  • Unlimited counts
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What is Early Refund Service?

If a transaction is processed for more than 2 hours, PalmPay will refund the transaction amount before the completion.

Does Early Refund Service terminate your transaction?

No, it doesn’t. The recipient bank or biller might confirm that the transaction has been completed after PalmPay’s Early Refund

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What happens when a transaction is eventually completed after an Early Refund?

PalmPay has the right to re-initiate an automatic payment recovery for the original transaction amount pre-refunded.

Terms and conditions

  1. Service Price

The Early Refund premium service will be at a monthly cost of ₦100 charged to the user’s PalmPay account.

  • Conditions

◆ Only transactions that are paid from PalmPay account balance or Overdraft will be covered by the early refund service.

◆ Early Refund premium service also covers only transactions that are ₦10,000 and below.

◆ For transactions completed with Overdraft as a payment Method, the Palmpay Early Refund service will only cover transactions amount that repayment is not outstanding.

◆ The maximum number of early refunds for each user is limited to 5 per day.

  • Deduction

Early refund ensures that users do not have to wait for us to get a final transaction status or the funds from our partners for delayed transactions but instead get their funds back quickly and possibly retry their transactions.

PalmPay will utilize its funding for the refund but it is by no means final because the partner bank or biller might confirm later that the transaction has been completed. When this happens, there will be an immediate charge to the user’s PalmPay account balance or bank card for the early refund made.

◆ Since the initial amount paid and discounts (coupons or palmpoints) would have been refunded at the time of early refund, the full value of the initial transaction amount will be charged to the PalmPay account balance or bank card without applying any further discount if our partner later confirms that the transaction is now successful.

◆ If PalmPay account or Bank card is not funded for the early refund deduction, we will reach out to the user, and if it is eventually not repaid, the user’s credit history record with PalmPay will be impacted.

  • Purchase Notice

If the purchaser of the early refund service has any fraudulent, illegal profit-making purpose, malicious swiping of orders, or other illegal transactions while using the service, PalmPay has the right to terminate the service. PalmPay has the right to interpret the rules of this service.

PalmPay has the final right to interpret the rules of

the event.

In conclusion 

The Palmpay Early Refund program is an innovative feature that offers users an additional layer of protection when making transactions. The program is easy to use, user-friendly, and accessible to all Palmpay users. With the Early Refund program, Palmpay continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing users with a safe and secure digital wallet platform.

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