Branch Loan – How To Get A Loan Upto 150,000 In Nigeria

Do you want to know that you can get up to N150,000 via a Branch loan in Nigeria? Do you want to see the Branch interest rate and how to pay it back?

Maybe you need an emergency loan that will help you pay for your medical bill, offset your mortgage bill, or maybe you just need to get extra cash for the business.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you probably need to apply for a branch loan in Nigeria today.

In this article, I will teach you how to apply for a loan using the Branch app, how to pay back this loan, the branch customer care number (in case you need anything else), and much more.

If you are ready to begin, let’s start by discovering what a “Branch” is.

What is Branch loan?

The branch is an international company that is not only located in Nigeria but also in other countries. For example, Kenya, Mexico, and Tanzania.

Everything about getting a loan through Branch is done using your smartphone.

Therefore, you need no paperwork or collateral. You will get a reply from the Branch within minutes.

Types of loans you can get from Branch

(1) Medical loan

If you or your family member has a medical condition, you can get a loan from the branch within minutes.

(2) Business loan

Maybe, there is this business idea you have, but you do not have the capital to start, you can also ask the branch for capital, so long as you don’t need more than N150,000.

(3) Travel loan

If you need to travel for medical, business, or pleasure purposes, you can also get a loan from Branch.

(4) Personal loan

Are you looking for extra cash, it’s totally fine, you are welcome to apply.

(5) Emergency loan

The branch also offers loans for other emergencies.

How does a Branch loan work?

Getting a loan from Branch is very easy, and as I hinted before, it typically takes minutes. Therefore, here is how it works

Download the branch loan app.

  • Create an account (which typically takes about 10 minutes),
  • Then, apply for the loan (See how to apply below).
  • Finally, you receive your money in your account.

Branch loan requirements

All you need to apply is your cell phone, BVN, and your bank account detail, no collateral and you also need no paperwork.

To make lending decisions, Branch uses the information (including SMS messages) on your cell phone. They also access your credit score.

Therefore, it’s important that you maintain a good credit score, and also make sure to apply using your phone.

Branch loan interest rate

Interest rates vary from person to person. It depends on your credit risk, bank history, length of repayment, and so on. The monthly interest rate typically ranges from $1 to 21%.

As a result, if you have bad credit, you would probably get a higher interest rate. Similarly, if you have a good credit history, you would probably get a low-interest rate

Branch loan limits

From the screenshot above, you will also see that you can get a loan from N1,500 to N150,000.

Therefore, N150,000 is the limit and the highest amount of money you can get from the Branch.

Similarly, N1,500 is the least amount of money you can get from them.

How to apply for a Branch loan in Nigeria

Before you apply for this loan, make sure you already have a Branch account.

To create a Branch account, download the app, and fill in the required information (For Instance, your name and phone number, etc.).

Here is how you apply for a loan after creating your account;

  • Login to the Branch Loan app and click on the menu at the top left corner.
  • Click on ‘My Loans’.
  • Furthermore, you need to enter the amount you intend to borrow and enter the duration of time you want the loan.
  • Find and click on your bank.
  • Click on “Request this loan”
  • After reviewing the information you added, click on “Apply” to finally apply for your branch loan in Nigeria.

Branch loan repayment

You can pay back your loan using the Branch app, here is how you do this

  • Open the branch app on your phone.
  • Click on “My Loan“.
  • Then, select the “Tap to Pay” button.
  • Enter the amount you intend to pay back.
  • You can either pay using your Bank or using your ATM card.
  • Therefore, select “Bank Account” or “Card” (It depends on you)
  • Finally, click on “Continue

Also, if you choose “Bank Account“, your bank would probably send you a verification code. Likewise, if you choose to pay with a card, you should choose to make the payment automatically.

If your payment does not go through within 24 hours, or if you pay back your loan with a card or bank account that is not yours, you should contact Branch using the information below.

Branch loan customer care number

Unfortunately, the Branch does not want to receive calls at this time. As a result, they do not have a customer care number.

However, you can contact them by sending an email to nigeria@branch.coor

Another way of contacting the Branch is by filling in the information on this Google doc. or by using the Branch’s in-app customer care.

Branch loan repayment via cash

Maybe you want to pay back your loan via cash. If this is you, kindly follow the steps below;

Using NIBSS e-BillsPay, visit any bank location (excluding GTB), pick up their deposit slip, and fill it out with the information provided below;

  • Account name – BRANCH INC.
  • Depositor’s phone number – Use the number on your Branch account.
  • Depositor’s name – your name (the name on your Branch account).
  • Also, add the amount you intend to pay.

Note, you would probably incur an N100 fee. Don’t forget to keep a copy of your payment slip as proof of your payment.

What happens if you fail to pay back your Branch loan

To increase your loan limit, it is therefore important that you pay back your loan on or before the agreed due date.

Hence, if you fail to make your payment on time, Branch might probably report you to the national credit bureau.

As a result, you will be blacklisted and it will also be difficult to get another loan through Branch or any other loan company.

Furthermore, if you succeed in getting loans else way, you will be paying a high-interest rate compared to others.

In Summary,

This is a good opportunity for you to apply and get the help you deserve. You can complete your application and get your loan within minutes.

Make sure that you are sure you will pay back because, unlike other companies, Branch does not extend its due date.

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