Easemoni Loan Review – How To Get a Loan from Easemoni

Easemoni is a loan app designed to provide quick and easy loans to individuals who need financial assistance. The app is developed by Easemoni Technologies Limited, a Nigerian fintech company that is committed to making financial services more accessible to everyone.

Easemoni loan app is a user-friendly app that allows borrowers to apply for loans in just a few clicks. The loan application process is quick and straightforward, and borrowers can receive their funds within minutes of loan approval. The app also allows borrowers to track their loan application status, repayment schedule, and loan history.

What Is EaseMoni?

Opay is still the owner of this platform, they launched Easemoni. If you have an Opay Account already you might be able to use it.

Easemoni is a web-based loan service provider that offers borrowers up to one million nairas in loans. Anyone can easily get started using it with their mobile app.

You just have to fill out an online form and provide your identity documents (Opay KYC 2 ID) and your bank account verification numbers. The Easemoni Monitoring system analyzes your BVN and SMS messages on your mobile phone to update your credit score.

They will also ask for your BVN (Bank Verification Number) when registering on the app, and they might not want to lend you any funds if there isn’t enough money coming into the bank account linked to the BVN. You can fill out the application online at Opay.com or download the Easemoni app on Play Store.


Before you apply for any loan online there are always certain requirements that you may need to request for the loan, that is how it is on Easemoni I have listed out their major requirements here:

  • Active Opay account
  • Active Phone Number linked to NIN
  • You must be a Nigerian and live in Nigeria.
  • You must have an active bank account link to BVN
  • You must be above 20 years old to apply for a loan on the app
  • You must provide correct information during your registration.

They do not just need these requirements, they need them to be sure that someone is not using your details to request a loan.

So if they notice any suspicious activity during the registration they may block your account or disapprove your loan when you apply.

Your BVN will be used to know may be the details that you input are correct or not.

How To Register For Easemoni Loan

In other, for you to use this particular service, you need to have an account with Easemoni before you can be able to apply for the loan.

Sign in with your Opay Account details from there you can now create an account with them.

Log into your Opay account and go to “Easemoni.” You will be redirected back to the main Easemoni loan page.

If you haven’t opened an Opay account, you can just download the EaseMoni loan app from the Google Play store.

Once you have registered, On the Easemoni loan homepage, you will see available loan offers, just select the amount that suits you and click apply.

If you’re approved, the money will be sent to your Opay wallet or bank account if you add one. Make sure paying off your debts early helps increase your loan amounts, offers, and transactions. If you’re an Opay customer, do more transactions using your OPay account.


  • Firstly, you need to download the Easemoni loan application.
  • Create an account on the platform with your BVN and phone number.
  • Start by creating an OPay account, fill in your details, and get leveled up to KYC level 2.

Note: The OPay account is the same as the Easemoni account, the loan system is incorporated into the OPay server.


Each loan service provider has its loan interest, some have a high interest while some have a low interest.

The loan app loan interest rate is quite okay, the app loan interest rate ranges from 5% to 10% of the loan amount monthly.

The annual loan interest rate is less than 120% of the initial loan amount.

Let’s say you apply for a loan of N20,000 for 30 days, the interest on your loan will be 2,040 and the total repayment will be N22,040.

Do note that the app charges a late interest fee when you default or are overdue on your loan. This also affects your credit score and results in less loan amount over time.

How to repay an Easemoni loan: Easemoni Loan Review

To pay off your EaseMoni debt, go to your OPay account and click the Repair button under the EaseMoni section.

You can either repay your debts in full or pay off some of them. You don’t need to worry because your Easemoni wallet is the same as your Opay Wallet. You will just send your repayment to OPay Wallet. and will debit automatically.

Easemoni loan code

To apply, just dial *347*334# and follow the prompts if you’re interested. The phone number associated with your bank account must be called and sent along with the code.

Limit of Easemoni Loan

The truth is that Easemoni doesn’t offer loans in the million naira range, and you can’t even come close. However, you need to establish your credibility and trust by borrowing and paying back on time if you want to get a reasonable amount of money. Even so, I can’t guarantee that you’ll make up to or exceed 1 million Naira.

Easemoni account number for loan repayment;

I have seen many users that were asking me about Easemoni’s account number, the fact is that Easemoni does not have an account number. You can repay the loan only by login into your Easemoni app.

Easemoni customer care.

Email: easemoni@blueridgemfb.com

Phone Number: +2349087614150

Address: No. 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Feel free to reach out to the Easemoni loan support team, if you have any questions or comments. If you ever get stuck, please feel free to ask for some assistance.

In conclusion, the Easemoni loan app is a user-friendly and accessible app that provides quick and easy loans to individuals who need financial assistance. The app offers flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates, and financial education to its users. If you need a loan, the Easemoni loan app is worth considering.

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