How To Complain A Failed Debit Transaction And Get A Reversal Easily On GtBank

How to resolve GT Bank’s dispense error and get your reversal immediately within 24 hours is pretty easy. In this article, I will be showing you how to log GTB dispense errors with or without visiting any GTB branch near you.

Whenever there is a network downtime, either on the switch server or the pos service, The card is debited for a failed transaction, and this can take 4-7 working days before it gets reversed if not reversed within 24hrs. To get a fund reversal, the customer needs to lodge a dispute for fund reversal.

Causes of GTBank dispense error

Below are a few causes of failed or unauthorized debit issues in GTBank bank.

  • Technology glitches.
  • Network disruptions.
  • Fraudulent internet activities.

NOTE: declined transactions are high during peak transactions and peak seasons.

How long does it take to resolve a dispense error?

The table below gives an estimated time frame to wait before becoming alerted.

Local TransactionsGTBank’s ATM 24 hours

POS/Merchant Website 3 working days

Other Bank ATMs/POS/Merchant Website 2 – 3 working days

Foreign TransactionsInternational Terminals 45

How to log GTB ATM Dispense Error Complaints using GTB Internet banking

With the GTB internet banking platform, you can easily report a dispensing error and get your reversal within 24 hours or 2 – 4 working days.

To get started, here’s how to log complaints about dispense errors using GTB internet banking:

  • Log on to the GTB internet banking portal with your User ID and Password.
  • Click “Cards”.
  • Click “Dispense Error”.
  • Select the GTB account and the channel on which the dispense transaction occurred (such as ATM, Local POS, or Local WEB as the case may be).
  • Ensure you complete the displayed form with details of unsuccessful transactions (dispense error).
  • Provide the answer to your GTB internet banking secret question.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Lastly, click “Submit”.

You’re done; please wait for 24 hours or more to get your money reversed back into your account.

How to resolve GTB Dispense Error on ATM

To get your GTBank dispense error solved via an ATM machine, do the following:

  • On the ATM machine, insert your GTBank ATM card.
  • Enter your card PIN.
  • Select more services.
  • Next, select log a dispense error.
  • Select your GTB account type (current/savings).
  • Here, the details of your last 5 transactions will be displayed.
  • Input the STAN (i.e 6 digits) of the transaction.
  • Lastly, click on proceed.

Resolve Dispense Error Through GTConnect

GTConnect gives you access to speak with any available GTB customer service representative to get your dispense error resolved.

To get started, simply dial +2348039003900, +2348029002900, and press option 1 to use the GTBank IVT self-service then, following the prompts will get done. Upon authentication, an agent will ascertain the terminal on which the dispense error occurred.

How to log GTB Dispense Error via Email

If a dispensing error occurred on other banks’ or international banks’ terminals, customers are to send the “Dispense Error” form via email to,, or

To get started, you’ll need the following:

  • A smartphone or PC.
  • Internet connect.
  • And an active email address if possible the one linked with your GTB account.

Get Dispense Error Fixed Through GTbank USSD code

Customers can also make use of the GTB USSD code to report dispensing errors. To get started, simply dial *737*52*Your GTB Account Number*5# and follow the on-screen prompts to complete.

Here’s the GTBank reversal code *737*52*Account Number*5#.

Solve Dispense Error through a GTBank Branch

Going to the GTB branch to solve ATM, POS, or Web dispenser error seems to be one of the best convenient ways to report any dispense error that occur on the customer’s bank account.

The biggest challenge here is that it will take up to 14 days or more to get this fix by the customer service representative or doing it yourself using any of the above-mentioned might take 24 hours or 3 – 5 working days.

To get started in resolving GTB dispense error via bank branch, do the following:

  • Visit any GTB branch near you.
  • Go to the Customer service desk.
  • Complaint to him/her regarding the dispense issues.
  • You’ll be given GTB dispense error form to fill out.
  • Ensure you fill out the dispense error complaint form correctly and submit it.
  • Wait for the GTB customer service representative to log your dispense complaints and give you feedback on when a reversal should be made.

Note that getting your money back using this medium might take 7 – 14 working days (i.e approximately 2 weeks).

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