How to Change Your MTN Transfer PIN

What is MTN Transfer PIN? 

An MTN transfer PIN is a four-digit number that, by default, is 0000. This PIN serves as a password for MTN airtime transfers (share and sell). 

By default, the MTN transfer PIN is set to 0000. MTN assigns this PIN to all of its customers for airtime transfer (share and sell). 

How to Change MTN Transfer PIN 

There are two simple ways you can change your MTN transfer PIN. 

You can change it by using: 

  • MTN USSD code (*777#) 
  • By sending an SMS to 777. 

To change your MTN transfer PIN, you can follow these simple steps: 

  1. Dial *777# on your phone 
  1. Select option 2 (Change transfer PIN) 
  1. Enter your current transfer PIN 
  1. Enter your new transfer PIN 
  1. Confirm your new transfer PIN 

Alternatively, you can send a text message to 777 in the following format: 

“Default PIN New PIN New PIN” (e.g., “0000 1234 1234”). Please note that the default PIN is usually 0000. 

After sending the text message, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that your transfer PIN has been successfully changed. 

It’s important to note that your MTN transfer PIN is a secret code that you should keep confidential to avoid unauthorized access to your account. 

How to retrieve/reset MTN transfer PIN 

By default, your MTN transfer PIN is 0000. 

If you recently changed your transfer PIN from the default PIN (0000) to another and can’t remember which PIN you used, please follow the steps below to retrieve the PIN or reset it to the default PIN (i.e., 0000). 

You can retrieve or reset your MTN transfer PIN in one of two methods. The two ways listed below can help you reset or retrieve your MTN transfer PIN. 

Step 1: Call MTN Customer Care (MTN Customer Care line “180”) 

Call the MTN customer care representative to help you retrieve or reset your forgotten transfer PIN. 

To retrieve your PIN, call the customer care service number (i.e., 180), follow the voice call instructions to get the customer care representative online, and explain your issues (i.e., to help you retrieve your transfer PIN or reset it to the default (0000)). 

However, If you’re having issues connecting with the MTN customer care representative, kindly follow the steps below to get the customer care representative online. 

  • Call 180 
  • Press “1” when the call has been answered. 
  • Wait while the system finishes speaking, then press “5”. 
  • Follow steps three above and press “0”. 

The steps above will get you connected to speak with the MTN customer care representative. 

Step 2: Chat MTN Customer Care Representative via MyMTNAapp 

Another way to retrieve a lost transfer PIN or reset it to default is to chat with MTN Customer Service via MyMTNApp. 

To chat with an MTN customer care representative via MyMTNAapp 

  • Download and Install MyMTNAp and sign in with your MTN number. 
  • On MyMTNAapp, you will see a chat box. Use the chat box to chat with MTN customer support and ask them to retrieve or reset your transfer PIN. 

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