Hcwallet Loan – How to borrow Money FROM Hcwallet

Are you in need of a quick and hassle-free loan? Look no further than HcWallet Loan app.

Hallo Credit is also known as Hcwallet or Hcredit. In this post, we show you how to get borrow money from them pretty quickly.

According to their available public information, Hallocredit has professional and passionate experts, with strong backgrounds in finance and mobile credit services, and is dedicated to providing the best experience for mobile loans.

About Hallocredit Loan App

Their loan app is integrated with local payment solution services and cooperates with local banks to ensure that their users receive the best possible service.

With HCredit, you can borrow as many times as you want within your credit limit, making it flexible and affordable.

Hcwallet Personal Loans are unsecured, which means you can borrow the money you need without having to worry about pledging any collateral.

With loans of up to N100,000 on offer, you can meet any financial obligation without a hassle. Repay your loan over flexible tenors ranging from 91 days to 180 days.

Hcwallet Loan app download

You download Hcredit Loan app from their website at hcwallet.net. You can also get it from the Google Play store.

To do this, all you need is to heed over to the popular Google Play store and search for the term Hcredit app.

Once you find it, click on Install to download it on your phone. After downloading, you can open the app and create an account immediately.

HCredit Loan Requirements

To be eligible to apply for an Hcwallet loan, you must be a citizen of Nigeria, between the ages of 22 to 60 years, and have a monthly source of income.

You must also have an active Nigerian bank account, provide your Bank Verification Number, and have a valid means of identification.

Additionally, you must have a good credit score with no outstanding loans from other lenders and provide details of two of your next of kin, including their phone numbers.

How to apply for Hallocredit loan

To apply for hallo credit loan, all you need to do is register with your bank account details and BVN. Hcredit will also send a confirmation code to the phone number linked to your BVN.

After registration, you can apply to receive a loan. Once your credit limit has been determined, you will be able to instantly take a loan within your credit limit.

If your loan application is rejected, it may be due to insufficient data or invalid details provided in the application.

However, as a lender, Hcredit takes steps to ensure that they only extend credit to applicants who can afford it.

Therefore, if you don’t match the profile of the individual they normally lend money to, they may deny you access to their loan services.


In conclusion, HCredit provides a straightforward loan application process. Follow the steps and submit the basic documents required to avail of your loan.

For any queries or assistance, you can email Hcredit customer care at services@hcwallet.net or contact their phone number on

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