How to apply for Payforce POS in Nigeria

Payforce pos – Payforce is another mobile agency platform that makes payment easy anywhere you are. You can double your income by becoming one of Payforce agents, using their platform to perform transactions with ease with their attractive charges.

How to apply for Payforce POS?

To become a Payforce agent, you must download the Payforce app from the Google Play Store and register.

How to establish an account with Payforce

1. Agents must download the Payforce application

2. Register with a username of your choosing.

3. Complete the form with all the required information.

4. Upload KYC and BVN verification documents

5. Wait for additional details from your Aggregator

Then, after receiving the activation notification, log in and initiate transactions.

Apply For The Payforce POS Machine

Being verified as a Payforce POS agent doesn’t mean the company is going to give you their POS machine automatically, you must have to apply for the pos machine before they would give you one.

So, now that you have been verified as a Payforce POS agent, you are now qualified, and can now proceed to apply for the Pay Force POS machine.

To apply for the pay force POS machine, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to Google or Google Play Store and search for the “Beta Version” of the Payforce App.
  2. Register on the app to update your account and provide all necessary information required. 
  3. After registering on the beta version of the Payforce mobile app, log in to the Payforce app.
  4. Click on “Settings”
  5. 5. Click on “Request POS Terminal”.
  6. Fill out the Google form that will be provided for you.
  7. Click on “submit”.

Services Offered By Payforce POS Machine

As one asks how to get a Payforce POS machine or how to become a Payforce POS agent, another thing you would also love to know is the services that Payforce POS company offers. Whether there are many services you can render to customers if you become a Payforce POS agent. This is because, the higher the service you provide as a Payforce POS agent, the higher profit you make. So below are some of the services that Payforce POS offers. You can use any or all the services to make cool money as a Payforce POS agent.

  • Mobile Subscriptions
  • PHCN Bill Payments
  • Cable TV Subscription
  • FundTransfer
  • Cash withdrawal

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What percentage does Payforce offer on services?

Here are the commissions Payforce will pay you as an agent when you purchase airtime, pay for a customer’s television subscription, or pay their electricity bill.

MTN 2.8% commission

Glo 3.80% commission

Etisalat 3.30% commission

Airtel’s 3.80% commission

TV subscription

Commission DStv N60.

GOtv N60 commission.

IKEDC 1.7% of value plus commission of N50

PHEDC 0.8% of value in addition to N50 commission

ENUGU POSTPAID 0.8% of value plus N50 commission

IBEDC 1.8% of value plus commission of N50*

1.8% of value plus N50 Commission for KEDCO

Why does Payforce require a BVN?

The Bank Verification Number is used to check that the given personal information is valid for the CBN-required KYC documents.

How to load money into your Payforce wallet

To fund/credit your Payforce account, please follow the steps outlined below.

1, Launch the PayForce app


3. Select Bank Deposit.

4. Your PayForce deposit account information will be displayed.

Transfer to the displayed account number to quickly fund your wallet.

How much is Payforce POS (Cautionary fee)

Payforce will only charge you N20,000 as a cautionary fee to get the POS from them. This cautionary fee is so that you won’t damage the POS. 

Note: Paying this fee does not mean you have bought the POS. 

How long will it take you to get a Payforce POS

Usually, it can take between a day to 1 week to get a Payforce POS. 

How does Payforce POS charge?

Payforce charges N5 on every N1000 (capped at N100 from N20,000 and above) withdrawal and N25 on every deposit of any amount

Payforce POS charge for withdrawal

Payforce charges N5 for each N1000 withdrawal (limited to N100 for withdrawals over N20,000) and N25 for each deposit of any amount.

The breakdown of Payforce charges is as follows:

N1000 – N5

N2000 – N10

N3000 – N15

N4000 – N20

N5000 – N25

N6000 – N30

N7000 – N35

N8000 – N40

N9000 – N45

N10,000 – N50

N11,000 – N55

N12,000 – N60

N13,000 – N65

N14,000 – N70

N15,000 – N75

N16,000 – N80

N17,000 – N85

N18,000 – N90

N19,000 – N95

N20,000 – N100

N100 is added to any sum over N20,000 (even though it is N600,000)

Note that you also receive a 10% commission (cashback) on every Payforce POS withdrawal.

Payforce POS charge for Transfer

Payforce only charges N25 for every deposit. Regardless of the amount.

Why does Payforce ask for your BVN

The Bank Verification Number is used to confirm that your personal information submitted is valid for proper KYC documentation as required by the CBN.

Payforce POS Review

According to our research, we have found that the Payforce POS machine is one of the best POS machines in Nigeria, which would satisfy your business needs. The Payforce POS charges are one of the Cheapest POS charges in Nigeria.

Additionally, Payforce POS is known to have a good network and functionality.

Can Payforce POS check the account balance for a customer ATM?

Yes. This is a feature they might add in the future

Payforce Requirements

The only requirements are an ID card (national ID card, Driver’s license, Voter’s card, or international passport), a Nepa bill, and a passport photo. Payforce POS requires the above plus a cautionary fee.

How to Report Dispute on Payforce Pos?

Unfortunately, Payforce does not yet offer a complaint page for failed transactions; in the event of a dispensing problem, the customer must contact their bank.

How to conduct a cash deposit using Payforce POS

Deposits of Cash (Transfer of Funds): This is a standard bank-to-bank transfer.

Sign in to the APP.

2. Select cash deposit.

3. Type the amount

4. Choose a bank

5. Type in the account number

Enter a telephone number

7. Commence narrative

8. Select money transfer

How long will it take you to get a Payforce POS?

Usually, it can take between a day to 1 week to get a Payforce POS. 

Payforce Loan

Currently, we have not been able to ascertain if Payforce gives a loan or not. However, we are going to update you once we find out information about this

Payforce Login

Before you could perform any transaction on the Payforce account, you would have to log in first.

To log in to your Payforce account, you can either use the Payforce website or the Payforce mobile app. However, you can click HERE to log in to your Payforce account.

Is there a tax on Payforce POS?

No stamp duty applies to Payforce POS. The federal government charges an additional N50 in stamp duty on any withdrawal or incoming transfer of N10,000 or more. This sum has not been deducted from Payforce.

Payforce POS Office

Payforce has established its offices in some parts of Nigeria. The most popular Payforce offices are in Abuja and Lagos. You can check below to know where the Payforce office is located in Abuja and Lagos.

Payforce Office In Abuja

In Abuja, the Payforce POS office is located at Plot 265, S.E Asabe Street, Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria.

Payforce POS Office In Lagos

Currently, our research has not been able to figure out where the Payforce office is in Lagos, or whether they have an office in Lagos. However, you can always reach them out on customer care contacts to know more about this.

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Payforce Website

Though Payforce POS has a mobile app, they also have a website where you can still access most of their services. To visit the Payforce website, head over to: https://agent.payforce.network

PayForce POS Customer Care Contact

If you have any reason to reach out, and you want to know how to contact Payforce POS, then the good news is that they are always reachable.

You can contact always contact Payforce POS through the following means:

  • Phone: 09083841742
  • Email: payforce@crowdforce.io
  • Contact Address: Plot 265, S.E Asebe Street, Mabushi, Abuja


Getting Payforce POS is very easy, and it is one POS you can easily get fast If you are just starting your POS business.

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