How To Fix Fox News Not Working On DirecTV

To learn how to fix the Fox News channel on your DirecTV streaming package, please read this text. Here, we are beginning to understand the solutions when Fox News isn’t functioning on your available Smart gadget when using the DirecTV TV service provider.

What is FOX News?

Start becoming familiar with the Fox News channel network now. Then, this Fox News channel is abbreviated as FNC and is also identified as FOX NEWS in all caps. In the meantime, Fox News Media, which was established with Fox Corporation, has owned and run this Fox News channel network.

Fox News broadcasting territory includes all of Canada and the United States of America that have a legal TV provider. Additionally, this Fox News channel has a 16:9 aspect ratio 720p HDTV streaming option. Fox News is therefore accessible as part of your TV provider subscription and does not have a separate cost.

Is FOX News available on DirecTV?

Of course, you may access this Fox News channel through the DirecTV streaming service’s featured channel roster. To view Fox News on your DirecTV streaming service provider, utilize the new channel number.

What Channel is FOX News on DirecTV?

I want to clarify a few things before moving on, specifically the channel code for the Fox News channel on the DirecTV Streaming service channel lineup.

Channel Name Channel Number

Fox News 360 HD

In actuality, the DirecTV streaming service has offered access to this Fox News channel. On the DirecTV streaming service selection, this Fox News channel’s precise channel number or code is 360. Additionally, channel 360 will direct you to the Fox News channel’s High Definition picture quality on the included channel roster of DirecTV service providers.

Why is Fox News App not Working on DirecTV?

In actuality, there are a few reasons why the Fox News channel never functions properly on the DirecTV streaming service. This includes erratic internet access, which could lead to network issues that prevent the Fox News channel on DirecTV from streaming its content.

The DirecTV streaming service is currently dealing with several technological challenges. Therefore, that issue might potentially have an impact on Fox News. To find out about any problems with Fox News on the DirecTV service provider, you should preferably check to see if the Fox News server is down at the moment.

How To Fix FOX News not working on DirecTV?

Here, we’ve listed a few strategies that can enable you to resolve your problems with Fox News on the DirecTV service provider.

Check your Connection Cable

You should first double-check your Smart TV’s DirecTV service connection.

  • Check your Smart TV service’s wired connections to your DirecTV again.
  • For a strong connection, make sure you reconnect with them.
  • Last, but not least, see if Fox News is operational; if not, move on to the next step.

Check DirecTV Server

You should check your DirecTV provider’s server in this second manner.

  • Use a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.
  • Then, you should visit DirecTV’s official website to see if its server is operational or not.

Check the Fox News server

The Fox News Server should be checked in the third method.

  • Visit the Fox News official website.
  • After that, confirm whether Fox News’ server is down or not.
  • Therefore, these kinds of issues could be brought on by server-related issues.

Restart your DirecTV Genie

You should re-connect your DirecTV to the power source using the fourth method.

  • Remove your DirecTV power cable from the power source, then wait a while.
  • Once everything is connected, you should start watching Fox News on it.

Contact your customer service

You should get in touch with your customer support using the fifth method.

  • You should now get in touch with DirecTV customer support, your TV service provider.
  • You’ve then described your problems with Fox News on the DirecTV streaming service.
  • They’ll also aid you in resolving the issue.


If Fox News isn’t operating on the DirecTV streaming service, let’s start reading the last few sentences of this article to learn some fixes. You can utilize the previously mentioned solutions to fix the Fox News channel on your Smart TV with a DirecTV connection in the interim. As a result, we appreciate your invaluable assistance with this article about Fox News not working on the DirecTV streaming service.

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