January 29, 2023

5 Tips to Speed up Windows 10

Working on a slow PC can be frustrating. It can not only slow down your work but reduce your overall efficiency. Even if you have a pc that is slow and seems like you need to replace it, worry not! There are tips you can follow that will speed up your machine and make it better and faster. In this article, we reveal five ways to make your PC faster.

Tips to Make your PC Faster

  1. Restarting your PC may be one of the things that keep your computer running for weeks at a time. And Windows 10 will do the needful – make your PC sleep and continue when you restart the machine from sleep mode. With time, your computer starts to slow down if you do. To fix this, ensure that you shut down your system when you are through with it. Be sure to save your work before doing this. If your computer is too slow to show the Windows menu, hold down the Power button until the system goes off.
  • Disable Startup programs

Enabling Fast Startup can make your PC slow to start. This is because when it boots, there are too many programs that will start to run. 

Here is how to fix it: Click the Startup tab. If you can’t find the Startup tab, click More Details. From the Startup tab, check for the list of programs that run when your computer is turned ON. If you discover a problem that shouldn’t be starting up with Windows, right-click and click Disable.

Disable Startup Programs; Source: computerworld.com
  • Clean Up Your Disk

To do this, click Disk Cleanup from the Start menu. Doing this launches a tool useful for deleting unwanted junk, offline web pages, and installer files at once. The Recycle bin may also contain lots of files you don’t need on your hard disk. This will work in improving speed mostly if your drive is almost full. You can also schedule disk defragmentation to take place regularly, using the Optimize Drives tools. Find this tool by searching for it in the Cortana search box.

  • Adjust your power options.

Several preset plans help your power needs. The default Windows sets for you is Balanced, which uses performance and energy consumption as metrics to save power. You may consider the latter as important if your laptop is powered by a battery or you’re trying not to spend much on electricity. Power Saver Plan being on won’t help matters as it limits the performance of your machine to save energy. It is better to use the High-performance plan which uses more energy but will get your machine sped up.

  • Check your computer for malware.

Your computer been slow may be due to malware. Malicious programs like viruses, adware, and spyware, take up a lot of system resources like memory, processor, and hard drive. Even with Windows 10 having Windows Defender Antivirus, your computer can still be infected. Running a full virus scan in Windows Defender can reveal the viruses in your system and delete them.

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