April 1, 2023

How to use Airtel YouTube night data during the day or convert it to normal data

Many people are asking how to use Airtel YouTube night data during the day. Some also want to know how to convert their YouTube night to normal data. In this post, your questions are fully answered.

Airtel customers are always being presented with new and exciting data bonus opportunities. This time around, Airtel has come out with a new data plan that may be utilized not only during the day but also throughout the night.

It’s called the YouTube Video Pack, and before I go any further, I want to make sure you’re aware that the data bundle you’re getting is tailored specifically for use with YouTube.

To put it more simply, the Airtel YouTube Night Plan grants you (nearly) free access to watch an unlimited number of videos for a reasonable price.

The Airtel streaming plan comes in three different varieties, which are as follows:

1. YouTube Plus Packs, which is the basic plan and may only be used throughout the night (from 1 AM to 5 AM); and 2. YouTube Red, is an ad-supported service.

2. The YouTube Weekly and Monthly Packs, which can be utilized during the day and throughout the night regardless of whether or not there is data connectivity.

Weekly: For N150, you can watch an unlimited number of videos on YouTube all night long. This offer is valid for seven days. Monthly: For N300, you can access YouTube Night without interruptions for 30 days.

3. Night Packs from YouTube (All night from 1 AM to 5 AM).

Activating the Airtel YouTube Weekly and Night Plan

To activate, you must dial the following USSD code:

*323*22# for weekly calls *323*21# for monthly calls

To check your balance, dial *410#.

How to convert airtel YouTube night data into the normal data

Now, to transform the night data on YouTube into normal data here is the solution:

Consider subscribing to the Airtel YouTube plan weekly or the Airtel YouTube plan monthly for your data needs. Yes, to get 300 MB for only 300 Naira (valid for 7 days), dial *323*12#, and to purchase 600 MB for only 400 Naira, dial *323*11#. (valid for 30 days).

If your Airtel YouTube Night Bonus has been used up, you can always get a new one by subscribing to a new data plan from Airtel’s extensive offering.


How to check your remaining night data balance on Airtel YouTube

Simply enter *410# into the dialer app on your phone to check the remaining data on your Airtel YouTube subscription. You may also check the specifics of your whole data balance by dialing *140# on your phone.

When does Airtel’s nightly YouTube night start?

The nighttime portion of the YouTube plan runs from one at the night to five in the morning. However, ALL Day and ALL Night are included in the weekly and monthly packs.

Where can I find the instructions to activate Airtel YouTube night?

It is dependent on the plan that you are requesting. Simply enter *323# on your keypad, and choose a plan.

What time can I start using my night on YouTube?

You can make use of your YouTube night data between the hours of 1 and 5 AM. If you try to use it any time outside of this stipulated time, your normal data may be deducted

Can you provide me the code for the night plan on Airtel?

To subscribe, just dial *312# on your telephone keypad.

Can I download videos from YouTube using Airtel Night?

You can download videos from YouTube and watch them at a later time (when you are not connected to the internet).

Why isn’t my Airtel YouTube Night subscription working?

Simply dialing *410# or *140# to check your data balance will do if your YouTube plan is not functioning properly.

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