How to clear GOtv and DStv E16 errors in Nigeria

How to clear GOtv and DStv E16 errors in Nigeria – GOtv and DStv are among Africa’s top three largest cable TV companies. These companies offer quality services, affordable subscription fees, and several bouquets. GOtv and DStv channels air various content, including movies, sports, music, news, religion, and politics.

Although DStv and GOtv have great services, their subscribers still encounter interruptions. The most common is the E16 error, which occurs when someone least expects it. The DStv or GOtv error code E16 might even occur when you switch on your decoder. The E16 error is a common issue that many GOtv and DStv subscribers in Nigeria face. It usually occurs when your subscription has expired, and you’re unable to access your favorite channels.

Learn how to clear the E16 error on GOtv and DStv in Nigeria by yourself because your local technician might not get to your place on time to help you clear the E16 error code on GOtv.

How to clear E16 error on GOtv

1. How to clear the E16 error on GOtv via SMS You can only clear the E16 error on GOtv if your subscription is active and your decoder is switched on. GOtv self-service will work if your subscription has expired. Additionally, it is recommended to try and clear the error during the day.

  • Open your phone’s messaging app.
  • Type “RESET”, skip a space, and type your decoder’s IUC number.
  • Send the text message to 4688

Example: RESET 2003059600 (2003059600 is the IUC Number written under the decoder on a red/orange sticker).

2. Contact GOtv customer care to fix the E16 error You can fix the E16 error by calling the GOtv customer care lines, 012723232 or 08039003788. Dial any of these numbers but do not follow any of the prompts instructed by an automatic voice.

Instead, wait for the system to automatically forward your call to one of GOtv’s customer care agents. The agent will clear the E16 error code on GOtv from their end. Additionally, you are free to talk to GOtv customer care in Nigeria via +234 803 904 4688.

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It is irritating when DStv displays an E16 error on your screen in the middle of your favorite program. There are several DStv self-service options to solve this problem. Therefore, practice how to remove the DStv E16 error in Nigeria using these guides quickly:

1. How to get rid of the DStv E16 error via SMS

Use your phone to clear a DStv E16 error code from your screen. Follow these simple instructions to solve the problem within five minutes:

  • Open your phone’s messaging app.
  • Type RA, leave a space, and type the first 10 digits of your Smart Card number.
  • Send the message to 30333.

Example: RA 6886432774

2. Contact the DStv customer care service number You can also call +234 9082368533 to seek help from the DStv customer care agents or WhatsApp them via 254 793 298 798. Ensure you have your Smartcard Number, IUC number, Surname, and mobile phone number ready before contacting them to save time when they are attending to you.

DStv/GOtv Toll-Free numbers

If you need more detail regarding how to clear error codes, call DStv/GOtv customer care service agents free of charge using the following phone numbers: Airtel: 07080630333 Etisalat: 09090630333 MTN: 08149860333 Glo: 08113630333 or 08003788266

In conclusion, the E16 error can be frustrating, but it’s a simple error that you can clear within a few minutes using any of the methods outlined above. If the error persists, it’s advisable to contact customer care for further assistance.

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