How to Fund Betting Wallet on Palmpay

The following bet providers which include bet9ja, Betpawa, Nairabet, 1xbet, Betking, iLot bet, Bet365, etc, allow customers to place bets online, but funding those wallets now becomes a problem.

Many Nigerian users who love to play the lottery or want a reward for their passion for sport find it confusing to fund their betting wallet, especially for those who place bets online using their accounts.

So with these amazing tips on how to fund a betting wallet on Palmpay and place a bet online, you’re ready to go.

Why Funding Betting Wallet with Palmpay?

The main reason we tend to use Palmpay to fund betting wallets is that it is a means to fund wallets without OTP in Nigeria.

To fund a wallet without otp in Nigeria was difficult because customers tend to use either their bank applications or either USSD code to fund a bet wallet. Doing so would attract extra fees and also stress customers as they would need to provide OTP for any prompted transaction.

Other benefits include avoiding extra VAT and charges to fund betting wallet on Palmpay is free.

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What are the Requirements Needed to Fund Betting Wallet on Palmpay

  1. You will need a Palmpay account if you don’t know how to, there is no problem just check this easy guide on how to create a Palmpay account.
  2. A betting ID.
  3. Funds you wish to fund your wallet with.
  4. Good Internet connection. You are good to go.

Steps on How to Fund Betting Wallet on Palmpay

The following is the easiest way to fund a betting wallet on Palmpay or via Palmpay, which means to deposit into a betting wallet without OTP. If you have created your Palmpay account because you will need it for this purpose.

  1. Sign in to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the PalmPay app.
  2. Login to Your Palmpay dashboard. Login to your Palmpay account on the Palmpay app using your registered phone number and 4 (Four) digit pin.
  3. On the Homepage of your Palmpay dashboard tap on Betting under the services categories, you will be navigated to a new page
  4. Select from the list of the bet providers your preferred betting platform to Fund Betting Wallet on Palmpay either Bet9ja, 1xbet, Betkking, etc.
  5. Input your Bet wallet ID usually digit numbers, especially for those on Bet9ja, and validate the user ID to pop out your details before you proceed.
  6. Now input the amount you wish to Fund Betting Wallet on Palmpay with and tap on pay.
  7. Input your transaction PIN (FOUR DIGIT) and wait for the transaction status. Successfully your bet wallet has been funded by Palmpay.
  8. Login to your BET wallet dashboard to confirm the funding.

How to Use Betting Coupons on Palmpay

Sometimes Palmpay chooses to reward its active customers with coupons or cash backs for being active. It can be 100, 200, or 500 depending on the reward you have been given.

how to use a betting coupon on Palmpay

This section would show you how to use betting coupons on Palmpay with ease.

Palmpay Bet coupon is a cashback reward that allows users to fund a bet wallet with the equivalent of the cashback or the coupon value. the following are the steps on how to use a betting coupon on Palmpay.

  1. Use Play Store or Appstore to download the Palmpay application to use the bet coupon on Palmpay.
  2. Register or Login to your dashboard.
  3. Go to Bills payment and select betting.
  4. Input your details and select from the list the coupon you wish to use and apply.
  5. Enter your transaction PIN and you are done.  

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What is the Customer ID on Palmpay?

This is your uniquely generated ID number from your betting providers, either bet9ja, 1xbet, etc. It is just for your account.

How much is Palmpay Funding Fee?

Funding betting wallet on Palmpay is free, with no extra charges added to it.

Do I need OTP to Fund Wallet on Palmpay?

No, you do not require an OTP to fund a betting wallet on Palmpay.

Final Verdict: How to fund betting wallet on Palmpay

We have come to the end of this guide on how to fund a betting wallet on Palmpay. Palmpay so far is the fastest way to fund a betting wallet online.

Palmpay is the best app to fund a betting site that does not require otp at all. No extra charges (usually 107 nairas via other channels).

If you want to fund a wallet without otp giving you stress, then use this guide to your benefit. Please don’t forget to share and leave your thought on this article thanks.  

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