Best Tips to Fill SIWES IT Logbook for Computer Science IT Students

How to Fill SIWES IT logbook for Computer Science, at some point in every Nigerian student’s education depending on the course he or she is undergoing study in the university or polytechnic he/she is sent out to different industries to undergo industrial training.

In courses like the Science areas, including pure and applied science, the school or medical studies, engineering, etc. to get the industrial experience of the course. Pure and applied science courses like Computer Science, Physics, Chemical Science, Industrial Science, and many others are required go for this compulsory training.

That is why this guide will be showing you everything you need to know on the How to Fill SIWES IT logbook for Computer Science.

What is SIWES logbook in Computer Science?

As a computer science student, your SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) logbook is an essential document that you must fill out correctly to record your industrial training experience. The logbook is a record of all the activities you undertake during your SIWES program, and it serves as proof of your experience and competence. Here’s how to fill a good SIWES logbook.

What Computer Science SIWES looks like.

Most Nigerian Universities students are required to go for SIWES IT in their 300 level, for those offering 3 years courses and 400 level for those doing 5 years courses, especially in the universities of technology. While in the Polytechnic you are required to go in your ND2 level of Diploma.

IT SIWES is very important for computer science students because you get real experience and practical experience in the area of the course you want to take as a career path.

Computer SIWES IT is divided into different subdivisions namely Hardware Maintenance, Coding, Web Development, Networking DBMS, etc. In this guide, I will be focusing on three main subdivisions of computer science IT.

How to Fill SIWES IT logbook for Computer Science

Most Students make grave when filling out their IT SIWES logbook, as they tend to do so when they eventually need to beat the deadline.

Now to ease the pain of filling your logbook and doing so wrongly that why I took time to prepare this correct guide on How to Fill SIWES IT logbook for Computer Science so that you can pass well.

Here are the correct guidelines on how you should fill your SIWES IT logbook for Computer Science correctly:

  1. Make sure you fill in your personal information correctly including name and address.
  2. Fill in the Profile of the Industry or Organization you have been attached with.
  3. Fill in the details of the work done daily and the date of work.
  4. Record all your SIWES activities done, daily and accurately.
  5. At the end of every week make sure you sign and submit to Siwes coordinator for signing.
  6. Make sure you prepare a summary of the month you have completed as a place is provided for you to fill.
  7. Make sure your coordinator or instructor signs and stamps.
  8. Make sure you put the date on every week ending.

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How to Write a Correct and Accurate Computer Science SIWES Logbook

Here is a good way to write your daily SIWES report on Logbook, and things you should include while filling your logbook

  1. Write clearly and presentably.
  2. Include in summary detail the work carried out during the day’s activities.
  3. Indicate the programming language in the cause of the training session where applicable.
  4. Indicate any outdoor trip carried out in your training center with the date and time respectively.
  5. Describe the kind of exercise or assignment given by your instructor.
  6. Make sure you draw diagrams, charts, etc. if applicable in the space provided in the logbook.
  7. Tools and software used to run anything (for example VS code was used as the text editor software in writing php codes).
  8. Lectures sessions hold.
  9. Also indicate any special holiday observed like Christmas, Salah, or workers’ day.
  10. Keep your logbook neat.

7 Great Tips to Write a Good SIWES Logbook

  1. Read and Understand the Logbook Format

The first step to filling out a good SIWES logbook is to read and understand the format. The logbook format usually includes the student’s personal information, institution information, company information, and the specific tasks and activities undertaken during the SIWES program. Understanding the format will help you to fill in the logbook correctly.

  • Start Early

It is important to start filling out your logbook from the first day of your industrial training. This will help you to record all the activities you undertake daily, as well as the skills you acquire. Starting early will also prevent you from missing out on any important details, which may be difficult to recall later.

  • Be Detailed and Accurate

When filling out your logbook, ensure that you provide detailed and accurate information. This includes the date, time, and duration of each activity, as well as the skills and knowledge gained. Also, make sure that you use the correct terminology and spelling.

  • Use Bullet Points

Using bullet points is an effective way to organize information in your logbook. Bullet points are easy to read and can help to highlight key points quickly. Additionally, they help to make the logbook neat and easy to navigate.

  • Ask for Feedback

While filling out your logbook, you can ask your supervisor or mentor to provide feedback on your performance. This can help you to identify areas where you need to improve and can also help you to identify new skills to learn.

  • Keep it Professional

Your SIWES logbook is a professional document, and as such, it should be neat, legible, and well-organized. Ensure that you use appropriate language and tone when filling out the logbook.

  • Proofread

Before submitting your logbook, ensure that you proofread it thoroughly. Check for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You can also ask someone else to proofread it for you to ensure that it is error-free.


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Sample Filled SIWES logbook for Web Design and Development


DAY 1| First Day:

Today is the first day, I was introduced to Gradenet ICT, how they operate and also theirs of operations and also the days and time allocated to students,

DAY 2| Introduction to Web Design and Dev :

I was introduced to the various languages used in Web design and Development and the language we will be learning at the cause of IT which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript PHP, SQL, etc.

DAY 3| Learned How to Use Essential Software:

I was introduced to vital software like text editors and compilers we would be using to run our codes.

DAY 4| Introduction to HTML:

Today I learned about HTML which stands for HYPER text Mark-up language, also learned about HTML are keywords surrounded by angle brackets.

DAY 5| HTML Text formatting:

I was able to use special elements for defining text with a special meaning. I was able to use special elements for defining text with special meaning for example <bold>, <i>, <head>.


In conclusion, filling out a good SIWES logbook requires attention to detail, accuracy, and organization. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your logbook is an accurate and comprehensive record of your industrial training experience.

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