April 1, 2023

How to generate tokens for Zenith Bank, Get hardware token

If you’re wondering what a Zenith Bank token code is, it’s a six-digit code used to verify electronic transactions. No hacker or other user can access your Zenith bank mobile app from behind you without your Zenith token code.

When using the Zenith bank internet banking service or Zenith mobile banking, the token is employed as the highest level of security to protect customer transactions.

Zenith Bank provides two types of tokens for their customers,

  1. Soft token
  2. Hardware token

While the Zenith hard token is created manually using the Zenith bank token device, the Zenith bank soft token is a 6-digit code that is generated automatically and transmitted to the mobile phone number associated with your Zenith bank account.

The OTP you receive when making an online transaction is therefore the Zenith bank soft token.

Here is how to generate tokens for Zenith Bank

newly customers

Apply for Internet Banking by downloading the Internet Banking Form below if you are a new account holder.

Tick “Internet Banking” as you complete the form. Send the application to the customer service department.

At all Zenith Bank branches, you can also fill out the Internet Banking form.

You must fill out a Token Request form at the branch that is most convenient for you to obtain a Token.

Existing customers

If you already use Internet Banking, you can fill out a Token Request Form at any of our locations or choose “Token Request” under “Other Services” on the side menu of Internet Banking.

Uses of Zenith token?

The following are the justifications for your need for the Zenith bank token gadget. The following is facilitated by Zenith bank token hardware:

  • provides the highest level of protection for your online transactions.
  • Increase the amount you can spend each day on the Zenith mobile app.
  • The daily transaction limit for the Zenith token hardware device is 5000000. As opposed to the Zenith mobile app, which has a daily cap of 100,000.
  • Personal information can be updated and changed, such as an email address or phone number.
  • Transactions with third parties, like Remita, are made simpler.

How to reset Your Hardware Token PIN

You can reset your token pin in the following 3 ways

  • Please contact ZenithDirect at 234-1-278-7000, 0700-ZENITH-BANK, and choose Option 4 to request assistance.
  • Send an email to zenithdirect@zenithbank.com with your account information and token serial number using your registered email address.
  • Visit your local Zenith Bank location to send a properly signed letter to our Customer Service Unit along with your account information and token serial number.

Zenith Token Code Activation Procedure

If you obtained the Zenith token hardware device from the Zenith branch that is most convenient for your application, you must first activate it before utilizing it.

The actions listed below must be used to activate your Zenith bank token number.

  • Visit the activation page for Zenith Bank Token Code.
  • Enter the 10 digits of your Zenith bank account. A one-time password (OTP) will be issued to the phone number or email address you provided when opening your Zenith bank account when you click the “Continue” button.
  • Then, enter the OTP that was delivered to you into the Get Token hardware device that Zenith Bank Plc has provided for you.
  • Next, flip it over to reveal your 10-digit token number.
  • Next, enter a 4-digit PIN that you’ll use to verify transactions. Additionally, something that you can easily remember (I’ll suggest using your ATM PIN so you won’t forget it).
  • Now, without a space or dash, you must enter both the token number and the four-digit pin together, side by side.
  • Finally, if it is successful, a confirmation message will be shown on the website.

Congratulations! Your Zenith bank token device has been successfully activated.

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