January 29, 2023

How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones

Easybuy is one of several enterprises that arose as a result of the typical Nigerian’s continually declining purchasing power and the escalating cost of flagship cellphones.

They are a buy-now-and-pay-later kind of loan company that lets you buy phones & make your payments in installments.

With Easy Buy, you can get your preferred smartphone, paying only a fraction of the cost, with the balance stretched out over three to six months.

When you buy a new phone at easybuy, the company takes a risk by providing you with what you want.

To reduce the risk on their part, they install an app called the security plugin on your new phone to lock it should in case you default or don’t want to pay.

The Easybuy Security Plugin is generally installed in your phone’s settings and security section. This makes it somewhat difficult to bypass for a layman.

It also works as a reminder to alert you on your pending debt.

If you do not pay, the security plugin allows Easy buy to remotely access your phone and prevents your usage of important use.

You will be unable to use your phone save for emergency calls once it has been locked using the Security Plugin. Playing music and movies, accessing the internet, and making phone calls are all disabled.

How to bypass, remove or uninstall the easybuy security plugin

If Easybuy blocks your new phone with their security plugin, it simply means you refused to pay the remaining debt or have defaulted on any other terms and conditions as agreed on a purchase.

You can deactivate the security plugin in 2 ways as discussed below

1.   Pay your debt

The first way and easiest way to remove the easybuy security plugin from your phone is to pay your debt. Once you do this your phone will be unlocked and you can use it again for whatever you want.

If after you make a repayment you still can’t get rid of or deactivate the plugin then you can simply go to any easybuy shop for assistance.

1.   Talk with a phone engineer

We’ve seen fraudsters purchase phones from Easybuy and then sell them to unsuspecting members of the public without completing the payment.

When EasyBuy blocks the phone with a Security Plugin after the next payment due date, the new owner is left with the problem.

If you’re in this situation what you can do is take the phone to any standard phone repair shop in your area and request that the engineer flash the device.

Explain to the engineer why you need your phone flashed.

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