April 1, 2023

How To Change Your AirPods’ Name

Do you own an AirPod and wondering if you can change the name that appears when trying to connect it via Bluetooth? Have you looked for a way to make your AirPod device stand out or easy to find when next you try to connect it? If you are one of the above, then this post will help you with that.

This post is going to be short as possible and will detail an easy way to rename your AirPods so that you can use an Apple device. 

Steps To Changing the Name of Your AirPods Using an iPhone

To change the name of your AirPods device using an iPhone, first, you need to connect it via Bluetooth. When you are done pairing the two devices;


  • Then go to “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Next is to tap on “Bluetooth
  • On the “Bluetooth” page, find your AirPods in the list. Then, next to your AirPods, tap the “i” icon.
  • On the AirPods page, tap the “Name” field.
  • On the “Name” screen that opens, delete the existing name by tapping “X.”
  • Click on the field and type a new name for your AirPods, then hit Enter.

That is how to change the name on your AirPod. After this is done, your Airpod device will now use your newly-specified name. I hope this helps.

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