April 1, 2023

How To Be A SIM Registration Agent And Earn More Than N50,000 Every Month

How to start a telecommunication sim registration agent business has kept a lot of people thinking and wondering, knowing the best and easy way around it will seem as easy as ABC

It is generally known worldwide that sim card is very important in our day to day activities, the benefits of sim card are not limited to business and personal use but most importantly used in connecting to our loved ones no matter the distance apart with just a simple dial on our mobile phones. Apart from connecting with our loved ones, we also surf the internet and make airtime transfers, data subscriptions, and several other transactions with the use of sim cards.

So who is a SIM registration agent? He is someone, who is trusted by SIM companies like (MTN, and AIRTEL) to register individuals’ SIM cards. Well you have to be trusted before they can give you their devices and also allow you to register SIMs, but don’t worry being a SIM registration agent is not like climbing mount Everest or something, it is one of the easiest jobs you can start right now in Nigeria.

So How can I be a SIM Registration agent?

What is the work of a sim card registration agent?

The work of a sim card registration agent is very simple, your work is majorly to assist those who need to register their sim card to avoid disconnection of sim from the service provider. The registration covers both the old and existing customers. You also help in retrieving lost sim cards, upgrading sim cards to 4G, 5G networks as the case may be.

Also, you will be involved in running promotional activities during the promo period but it is not every agent that has this opportunity but if you are selected to run promotions, then you are considered lucky because you will be well paid based on the days of the contract.

Now go to any nearest Mobile Network Office either (MTN or AIRTEL) and tell them that you want to be a SIM registration agent, they will be happy to welcome you in when they hear you want to be a part of them. Now they will give you a form to fill. Fill out any required details ask of you and also you might provide a guarantor. A guarantor is somebody who they might hold responsible when things go wrong, I hope things don’t go wrong. You might photocopy either the National Identity Card or Driver License or Voters Card or International Passport of your guarantor and attach it with the form also the guarantor has to sign and also fill in some details required of him.

Usually, it takes just days for you to start registrations but it depends on how the office operates. You can start immediately as you submit your form.

What do you need to become a sim card registration agent?

What you need to set up your sim card registration agent business is not limited to the following;

– Good location to start your registration agent business: this is not difficult to get.

– You can start with a big umbrella or a small kiosk to protect you from harsh weather conditions.

– You may also need a few chairs or preferably a bench for the comfort of your customers.

– A generator in places of poor power supply.

– Scanner

– Registered company name.

– The rest will be provided by the network provider

Differences between a sim registration agent and starting a sim card business

Sim card registration agents work directly for the service provider network, he/she has no right or power to alter the price per sim card registration and must meet the monthly target while someone who starts a sim card business can sell, and register at any price without necessarily fulfilling targets.

So How much do they pay per each SIM registered?

AIRTEL pays you 100 naira for every SIM you registered but the person you registered to must recharge that SIM within 24 hours for you to get paid for that SIM. So you registered like 10 persons every day, you get N1000, register 300 in a month, and get N30,000.

Well, MTN kind of pay a lot, they pay you almost N200 Naira for every SIM you register, I said almost because of some calculations, if the person you registered to recharge 100 Naira you get a 100 Naira, and if he makes a call immediately you get additional 50 Naira and if he clicks a link that says “Watch Video on how to save DATA” then you get around 30 – 50 Naira.

Feel free to share this great idea with people you think might benefit from it.

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