How To Produce Nylon And Start Making Huge Money

Do you know that you can start a Nylon Production business and start making money from it? Yes! The nylon production business is one of the lucrative businesses that you can venture into and start making cool money without much capital. The capital of starting this business is not much and the profits on it are very much you can even be a millionaire from this business when you focus on it. It involves the production and sales of Nylon for both commercial and domestic purposes. Nylon is so popular that everyone has something to do with it each day, shopping in markets needs nylon to pack what customers bought, shopping malls or the cosmetics shop, all package their goods with nylon, can you see that nylon is very popular everywhere, you won’t regret on this business when you start because it has huge profits on it.

Everybody uses nylon for their goods even if it is small goods, they all use nylon to package their goods, and even water is packaged with nylon, this is to show how good the products are, it is the products that everybody uses almost every day.

Let me tell you the Advantages of this Nylon production business before I proceed.

1. There is high demand for this product in Nigeria, you won’t be scared of generating sales because Nylon’s business moves very fast in sales. According to some studies, they said Nigerians spend more than billions of naira annually on nylon purchases.

2. This business is not seasonal, everybody uses the products almost every day, what I mean about seasonal is that you will be selling the products almost every day, not like fruit businesses like mango, orange even pineapple that are seasonal, you can’t trade on particular fruit for a year, it is by season. So this nylon business is not by season, it is everyday business.

3. Nylon business does not require huge capital intensive. Even if you don’t have enough capital, you can start as a wholesaler from the person producing it till you make huge profits to buy the machines. There might be a lot of competition in this business, all you need to do is to focus on your own, you can still sell your products due to the high demand and most traders use them always.

4. Nylon business has huge profits, you can quickly become a millionaire through this business because it is a product that almost everybody is demanding for it each day, if you are hardworking enough, you can be wealthy through this business.

Let me also tell you the Types of Nylon You Can Sell that can move very fast

You know that almost everything in the market is packaged with nylons, so, here are some types of Nylon you can start producing which can bring more sales…

1. Polythene bags

2. Bagco bags

3. Pure water sachets bags

4. Santana bags

5. Laundry bags

6. Moi Moi nylon, ( all these small white nylon that we use to wrap our swallow food), fufu nylon, etc.

Now let’s go straight to the production business

How To Start Up The Nylon Production Business In Nigeria

To start up this business, have already told you that it doesn’t need much capital, all that you need is the necessary equipment and a good space. So, am going to tell you the necessary equipment you are going to need in starting up this business. So let’s drive into the Nylon Production Business.

1. Your Start up Capital

Your start-up capital is number one in starting up this business, so, get your start-up capital, you are going to use this capital to purchase some necessary equipment you are going to use like machines and raw materials. So, it depends on your area, you might be needing from 30 to 50k to start up this business. You can even raise the capital by borrowing from your family and friends, you can collect loans from your bank or ur personal saving and if you don’t have up to this, you can start up with a wholesaler like I said the other time before you can afford you’re starting up capital.

2. You have to get a good shop that has good space for the business

Get a shop space, am not saying you should get a big space as an event hall, what am saying is that you should get a nice and spacious place for the business so that you can produce and sample your products very well. Though some people produce their own from home and if you also have a space in your compound, you can also start yours at home but I would advise you to get a shop near a market because of the customers so that they can easily reach you without any stress.

3. Get all necessary machines for the business

You should get all the necessary machines for the business when you have made up your mind already to venture into this nylon business, so, you have to get the necessary machines you will be using, these are the machines you will need for running this nylon business;

  • Semi-Automatic Nylon Cutting Machine; This machine is for cutting the nylons in rolls and it is the most important machine that you will be needing. You can get more information about the machine from those people who are already in this business, the machine is not more than 25 to 30k. So, you can get the original machine from those people who are into the business so that they can teach you and guide you on how to purchase the original machine for the business.
  • Punching Blades; This punching blade is for printing and designs on the bags, you can see it on polythene bags and banco bags, it was printed and designed, and these punching blades are used. You can get yours from an experienced Nylon producer and it is very affordable to get.

4. You have to Get the Raw Materials Needed

Get the raw materials like ecorene, polythene, lupine, and polyethylene, you are going to use all these raw materials, most of them are by-products of petrochemical processing and they can be gotten from refineries. So, to start up this business, you need to get all these raw materials.

5. You Have To Do Some Research On This Business

Before you start up this business, you have to conduct some research to know what will be involved in the success of the business. Also, plan on what your target audience will be and map out ways of reaching out to them and also beating your competitors. So plan and research the business very well before you start, you can also learn from those people who are into the business already, learn how to produce and how to start the business successfully in Nigeria.

6. Launching the Business

You can start launching the business, you can now start running your business and distributing them to your customers. You can get new customers by offering discounts, no matter how little the discounts may be, people will still rush your products. You can contact pure water companies and shopping malls with good offers, and advertise your products to them even if they have their distributors, they will still buy your own because of the discounts on it.

If you can follow these steps, I know you will start the business successfully in Nigeria without any problem, you will even smile at your bank when you see your bank account with a full load of money, so start up the Nylon production business.

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