How to Hide Photos and Apps, Turn Apps to 2 invisible.

Best way to Turn the phone screen and apps 2, and make them invisible on your phone including photos and files.

The main App also will become invisible on your phone and nobody will know you have such an app.

Stop using parallel space, it’s not protected.


No programming and coding.

No damaging.

Simple and easier.

Read and understand.

Smarter hide and protection.

Many people are asking for this tutorial while many searches online for it but they can’t find it, so today I know you will be very happy to come across it,

This is one of the simplest tutorials ever posted on this site so always visit this site to get the best of all tutorials.

We have nothing than to Post tutorials online for people to benefit from it free of charge.

Today we are discussing this topic because many girlfriends will likes to check their lover’s phones and instant messaging like:

Fb messenger.




And others.

While some will also like to check their photo gallery, music, videos, records, files, and any other things on it.

Even when you went to charge your phone some friends may try to copy some items from your phone, so with this tutorial, your documents are saved from everyone.

Put your mind at rest even if a guru check your phone after you make use of this tutorial they can never see anything on your phone apart from the one directory you leave that you want everyone to see,

The two other directories will be invisible and everything inside it will also be invisible, and only you can access it and make use of everything inside it.

These are the best hiding tools apart from the main hiding tools for rooting the device.

Rooting: means to break down and go through all the manufacturer commands and programs, which you can easily edit or add your commands and keywords, to your phone, to perform different specific kinds of work.

Rooting is very simple. But will don’t recommend you to make use of it because it can damage or remove some specific functions and keywords away from your phone, so if you are a programmer or coder and you know much about programming you can make use of roots, but we don’t recommend it for our users so we are not going to give out the rooting software or apps here.

Thanks for the patience you have to read this tutorial but we want you to understand the meaning and usefulness of this tutorial before making use of it.

In this tutorial we do not damage nor destroy your phone, we have been using it for a long time and have not lost anything, so stay calm, nothing to worry about, we are giving you the best and most useful tutorials here.


Step1: go to the google play store on your android phone or the app play store on your Apple or iPhone, and download an app called hide or private me.

Click here to download private me

Step2: After you have downloaded this app open it and do all the necessary setup you need to do.

Step3: you will see a (+) icon or any marker icon click on it and it will show you all apps on your phone, copy the app that you want to use inside private me by clicking on them and they will be uploaded to your private me apps as incognito.

And notice that the original will still be on your phone, so if you don’t want anyone to know that you have any apps called white or any other apps on your phone,

after you have uploaded the duplicate to your private me, you can delete the original from your phone and the duplicate inside (private me) will still work perfectly, but you can still use the two together,

You will use the original hit on your phone for a public account,

While you will use the one inside (private me) for a private account, this has turned your apps into two and one is for a public account while the other is for a private account,

Notices: make sure you set a pattern or password for your (private me) apps, inside the apps setting.

For faster access, you can make use of the small minimize button of the apps but you should disable the small minimize button for total security.

Do all the necessary setup in the apps

And you are secure.

Notices that this app will not show your recent work on your phone or recent task, if you quit the app immediately it disappears and no one will know you have it on your phone.


Step4: After successful, then downloads another app called gallery vault or click here to download the original one.

Click here to download the gallery vault

Use this app to hide all your private photos, videos, and any other files,

So anytime you want to send someone your photo just open your gallery vault and share your photo with that person through your gallery vault apps.

But if you are unable to share your photos with the gallery vault apps you can download an apps share calculator or click here to download it.

Click here to download the calculator

So you can use this app to share your photos but make sure you hide this app with your air launcher apps so it won’t be visible on your phone for anyone to see.

Notices: these two apps (private me and galley vault) will not be shown on your phone, they will be in hiding mode, if you want to make use of them, you can only access them through your phone call dialer, many examples with shown to you in this apps when you open it.

Step 5: Download an app called air launch or click here to download it,

Click here to download the air launcher

Open this app and make it your default launcher, so the first time you open it, it will show you how to hide all the apps you don’t want anyone to see on your phone, so you can use one finger to scroll up or two fingers scroll up as your hiding mode.

and automatically these apps will be hiding from your phone screen and menu, so if you want to see those apps you will scroll up your finger on the empty page of your screen and it will take you to the hiding apps,

so if you press cut, they Will also disappear again.

Notices: for better security delete the original apps from your phone and make use of the one inside private me but don’t delete your WhatsApp or FB messenger so people will not know that you have to hide it.

Make sure you download the apps here so you wouldn’t go and download the fake or wrong apps inside the play store, that is why we put them here.

just log out your private account from your main home screen on WhatsApp or messenger and log in to your public account, and if it is unable to logout, delete it and download a new one then log in to your public account with it, so if anyone sees all these apps they will not think maybe you have any other hiding apps on your phone.

If you want to make use of 3 accounts on one phone you can also download another app called hide and make sure you hide it with your air launcher if it did not disappear itself on your phone.

But am sure that this app will disappear on your phone immediately after you cut them after using them, for security.

This is the best method for programmers to hide their files on their phones.

Best and secure hide apps, the manual on how to use this app will be shown to you when you open this app but these are the best tutorials you need to know on how to make use of this app and on how they work.

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