April 1, 2023

7 Easiest ways to make Money as a Student in Nigeria

What are the Easier and Faster ways to make Money Online & Offline In Nigeria as a Student?

You will make money faster and easier without any stress, while in School.

Just follow the steps that will be analyzed below, then you will start making extra income as a student, without disturbing your study and education career.

If you don’t make money with this tutorial you are reading, it means you are too lazy.

In Europe, and other foreign countries. Students make a lot of money in school and also do well in their educational performance.

Making money online and offline has nothing to do with your knowledge, but the ability for you to schedule your time daily.

This article is called ‘Call to Action‘ for well discipline students.

You have to determine what to do with your education as a career.

This is called Student Plan B.

1.   Become a writer.

The first step to take as a student is to become a writer if you are eager to make money online or offline.

This is the best choice for you. No matter any course you are doing, you must have writing materials.

Don’t let your writing skills go without making some cash with it.

What’s the essence of being in school when you are not making money.

Look straight to all the courses you are offering in school and pick the one you know most, or the one you know is people’s choice.

Now, pick a topic. E.g. The effects of bacteria on farm crops.

Write an Article that will be worth 1000words above, on the topic you choose.

Note: Pick any topic that you can deliver your best and raw facts.

Or before picking any topic, Goto fiverr.com, and other publishers’ websites pay for article writing.

We also paid for an article on this website. Just click on the menu above or scroll down below to enter Job Offers to see the type of Articles we want from writers.

Visit the above sites to know the type of article they want before writing.

Some publishers pay $5 per article, while some may pay below or above.

2.   Become an Assistant.

This is a good idea! For making extra cash on the school premises.

You can make a huge sum of money by assisting others.

Let’s get down to business, this is how to jump-start the journey.

If you have a Laptop or computer, this will be good enough. But if you don’t, your phone can still do it.

Download Microsoft Word or any text creator on Google Play Store.

Every year, there must be graduating students. Go to them and let them know you can help them in typing their project at a cheap price.

Also in your department, sometimes you will have a group assignment that includes typing and spiral binding.

Do this work for your mate and let them pay your bill.

  • Become a Tutor

No student that will hate tutorials, or else the ones that know the way.

Arrange a tutorial class in a standard way, with terms and conditions.

Though it may sound somehow when you told your mate to pay for your tutorial.

But you have to convince them in the first place. Let your first and second lectures be free, but during this period, you have to instruct your coaching in an explainable way.

Don’t accept side talking.

Let them ask questions.

Give them the best of you.

Make everything standard.

You can also create a WhatsApp group for your class and give them notifications.

No doubting, they must pay for your lecture.

Note: you may be someone that doesn’t have much intelligence, but you can also make money by teaching your mates what you know that they don’t know.

  • Make money with your Skill.

Which kind of skills do you have. Once you have any, don’t let it waste while you are in school.

Turn your profession to money because this is your Plan B.

Are you a Shoemaker, Fashion designer, Bag-making expert, Punters, Trader, or Entrepreneur?

Don’t be shy, make money with what you have learned or what you are capable to do.

Develop your own business in school and other students are ready to purchase from you. Even learn from your profession, and you make cool money.

5.   Become a Planner.

What a planner means.

Which faculty you are? There are many females in your department.

Ladies like events and recommendations.

How to go about this?

Find 2 or 3 friends and join hands together to plan an event.

You can talk about an excursion or something incredible in your faculty.

I know ladies will go for this.

Let’s talk about recommendations.

There’s a topic or an instrument that has been discussed or is about to discuss in your lecture.

Google about this topic to know the materials and instruments to use.

Told your mates that you know about it and tell them to contribute money for you to get them this material at a cheap price.

Everyone likes something ‘Cheap’.

You will probably make your commission.

6.   Become a publisher.

This is a great idea! I will mention this in this post.

You will create a blog, either a free blog or a custom domain one.

Look at a niche that you know most students always talk about on campus.

E.g. Buy and sell.

Give pieces of information to all students on your blog and also connect buyers and sellers.

You will have your commission as the middle man for all items sold through your blog.

Let other students promote and advertise on your blog.

You will make extra income through this.

There are lot more ways to make money as a publisher.

7.   Become a Social Servant.

This is another cool and simple way to make money on campus.

Connect with many students through social media and instant messengers.

You can also make use of bulk SMS.

Alert all students in your faculty and some nearby departments on what’s going on campus.

Stand as an informative agent that broadcasts news and rumors going on, in your department.

Connect with your class governor so that all students should be paid for your services.

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