April 1, 2023

How to Successfully Combine Study And Work

Due to the financial challenges that many faces, it is not new to see students study and work alongside to augment the funding from home and make ends meet.

Work-study poses a lot of different challenges in your academic life, social life, and freedom too, and that is why you need to know how best to manage these kinds of situations should they arise.

How to Successfully Combine Study And Work

Below are some of the areas of your life that working while studying can affect and how best to deal with them.

1. Loss of Valuable Sleep Time

Everyone needs to get a certain amount of bedtime daily else they would be stuck with insomnia and this can happen to you if you study and work at the same time.

You would have to go to school during the day, go to work in the afternoons and evenings, and by the time you get home, sleep would be the next thing on your mind.

However, given that you still have some studying to do, you would have to wake up at certain hours of the night to study and then the next day comes at you again.

If you go through this for a long time, even your body would not be able to relax well because it is aware that you would be waking up soon.

Instead of studying every night, make certain days of the week your night study time and choose other days to be day study times.

This variation would enable you to get the best out of your days, be more productive, and get better rest time for yourself while also getting the chance to study hard.

2. Low Grades

Getting all the time in the world to study doesn’t guarantee good grades talk less of having to now work alongside your school routine.

It is observed that a lot of students who work and study usually find it very hard to maintain a steady grade rate in school and this can lead to some depression for them.

This might be due to the first factor discussed. Ration and vary your study and sleep times and don’t hesitate to get professional help and counseling too.

3. Social life

Your social life is equally as important as your academic life because it contributes to your overall development.

Make sure that when you find out your social life is failing in one department, you find the time to do something to revive it, work, study, and give yourself a day off to go out and do something you love best.

Work-study programs sometimes take the Saturdays but none would take your Sundays. You can choose to go to a show, see a movie or do any other thing that interests you.

Work-study can be a great experience or a grueling memory, all dependent on how you have chosen to manage it. choose to manage it well today and you’ll have only fond memories.

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