How To Start A Profitable Bulk SMS Business

bulk sms business

In a country of over 170 million people were more than half of that figure owns a phone that has the text service enabled on it, Bulk SMS service provision is surely one of the best investments that your money can go to. The good thing about this project is that it is in no way capital intensive as you can just go-ahead to start up without any office or office agents. Also, you do not need any special skills of any kind before you start making your money. Doesn’t this sound easy enough?

The Bulk SMS business is not only open to experienced investors or people of a certain age range as anyone can succeed in the business. Be it a student, retired pensioner, worker, teacher, you name it. this non-discriminating status makes it a lucrative venture and a steady flow of income. You do not need to wait till the end of the month to get paid when you have your own Bulk SMS service because the operation is on a pay as you go basis. All being said and done, would you want to start now? Let’s find out how in the detailed steps outlined below.

1. Register with a Wholesaler

To begin your own personal bulk SMS business, the first thing to do is to register with wholesale of the bulk SMS units. A wholesaler would prove a better means of making your money better than you registering with another retailer who would sell you units at high prices instead. Before registering, check the rates offered by the retailer, their quality of service, and dependability. You might also want to look out for the kind of bonuses attached to every package like some do because this would help you gain better from the money spent.

Most wholesalers out there would also give you access to a platform that you can use for your own personal reselling. These ones are advised over those who don’t as they have made the process easier for you even from the start. Don’t be surprised that the wholesalers themselves would charge you something of a start-up fee for this platform but that is to be expected. Again, look for where you can get the best value for your money because the charge on reselling platforms varies among a lot of them. Take the first step and contact a reliable bulk SMS wholesaler today.

2. Buy Your Custom Bulk SMS Units

Now that you must have found a reliable and efficient wholesaler, the next step now is for you to buy the number of units that you want to resell. There are various packages for purchasing the units and the higher the amount you demand, the cheaper the overall cost. Check to buy it in bulk at once from your wholesaler so that when you sell in units, you would make more sales than if you had been buying slowly.
Ideally, it is advised that you start with a purchase of 10,000 units. Depending on your wholesaler, you are expected to get guidelines to use for your reselling portal alongside your first units to better get you off your feet.

3. Customizing Your Reselling Platform

The SMS reselling website provided by your wholesaler would be exactly like their own because the technology just clones it and sends you a copy. This is where the first set of work lies. You would now need to change all of the settings on your reselling platform to match your own taste. You would change the business name, the logo, taglines and make every other personalization changes necessary to make you feel more at home and help your customers connect to you better, not your wholesaler.

You would need to complete your website set up by including important links to your about page and contact information to enable anyone looking for your kind of service to get in touch with you faster.
The changes to be made on the website are not usually something hard, to begin with, and you could do everything smoothly by yourself but you could also opt to get the services of a web professional to help you out. Either way, make sure it is done to your taste and perfection.

4. Promote Your Bulk SMS Service

Your business would bring in no income if you don’t get out there and let people know what you do. A lot of organizations need to send their customers messages regarding changes, felicitations on their birthdays or to pass information across, and making your business known to them is your first step to building a customer base. Banks, churches, schools, offices, etc. are the perfect place for you to start.
Do your promotion on every media available to you. Go onto social media and let the whole world know about your services. As a start-up entrepreneur, you may want to appeal to their desires by offering your services for a reduced rate. Trust us, you would still end up ginning your profits in the long run. What you need to do now is get that customer base going.
Print some flyers and handbills detailing your Bulk SMS service and include reasons why people should choose you over all others. Talk to family and friends to help you advertise by word of mouth and soon enough, you would have enough clients to deal with.

5. Pitch your Customers

Funny enough, a lot of organizations do not even know what they are missing out on by not using the bulk SMS service, and this is where you come in. Exploit that chance by creating a marvelous presentation of what their business stands to gain by partnering with you. Let them know that they can have messages sent at much more reduced rates than service providers would charge and also that they can customize these messages to let their customers know that it is from them. Throw a little more fascinating data in the mix and watch as they warm up to you and the idea.

From the above, you would have started your bulk SMS business with little capital and a great return on investments.

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