Business That Moves Fast In Nigeria

Going by how hard things are now, many people are currently looking for a business that moves fast in Nigeria, especially this new year. 

They keep wondering, “Which business should I start and make money?”

Although there are more than 100+ business Ideas one can start and make money, not all are fast-moving businesses.

Our goal as an organization is to help Nigerians start, grow, and manage their businesses. But that cannot happen if you fail to identify that dream business you can do.

In this article, you will learn some businesses that you can do in Nigeria without any issues.

Most of these businesses have been done by our esteemed entrepreneurs, and the result was mind-blowing.

If you’re curious to know, keep reading.

1. Sachet Water Business

Sachet Water Business

Sachet water is also a business that moves fast in Nigeria, if not one of the most underrated businesses.

This business idea wouldn’t entail carrying a bucket of sachet water and hawking on the street.

Far from that!

Come to think of it; water is a necessity that people can do without. I, for instance, spend over #10,000 monthly on sachet water.

I am not a fan of boreholes or rainwater since they can be prone to contamination. Just like me, millions of Nigerians drink only sachet water and nothing else.

Do you know what that ? It is an incredible business opportunity that you can start and make money.

It is not a perishable good, and the demand is always frequently and doesn’t go low. 

If you have the finance, you can even start supplying to retailers, and within a week, you’re making nothing less than #200,000.

You don’t need to own a sachet water manufacturing machine, as you can partner with a sachet water company as they supply you bags of water at a cheaper rate.

You don’t have to do this business alone, as you can always hire someone to handle supplies. Going by how much you will be making, you wouldn’t even have issues paying salaries.

Perhaps later in business, you will make more than enough to start your own sachet water production business.

However, if you have the finance to start in a big way, ensure you get NAFDAC approval and then kick-off. 

Sachet water is a fast-moving business that will spill in millions in your account every month.

2. Transportation Business

Another great business that moves fast in Nigeria is the transportation business. 

The fact is, the transportation business is one of the businesses that have the potential to Make You A Millionaire

However, how big or small you start depends on your finance. The least amount you will need is #350,000 to #20,000,000.

With the least amount, you can get a tricycle and put it on high purchase. 

In case you don’t know what that means, it is merely a case where you enter an agreement with someone to hire the tricycle for a specific time.

The person will be paying you some money, either weekly or monthly, depending on your agreement.

In the end, you will be making more than you invested in the tricycle. If you have more than that amount, you can buy more than one tricycle and put them on the road.

The people you put in charge will be expected to make a certain amount of payment at a particular time for a while.

Many people have been able to build an empire through the transportation business, and you too can.

When you do this business for a year or two, you would have made enough even to start a transportation company.

There is no harm starting small and growing to a giant unless you have more than #20,000,000 in your account.

Transportation is a business that moves fast in Nigeria, and you wouldn’t regret delving into this industry.

3. POS Business

Another great business that moves fast in Nigeria is the POS business. Since the business gained popularity, I have never used an ATM again.

Come to think of it; no one has the time to queue for hours to make a withdrawal. But with POS, everything becomes fast and smooth.

If you’re looking for a business that you can do and make money fast, consider starting this business.

I have already written a comprehensive article on How To Start A POS Business In Nigeria. Ensure you read it, as it will guide you in detail.

The reason this business is profitable is because of the lack of ATMs and long queues. If you can situate your shop in an area of high traffic, you will be making nothing less than #50,000 gains weekly.

The secret of this business is a good location. If you’re not in a good place, I am afraid you might not make any headway.

But if you already have a business, you’re running, that would be great since you already have established customers.

All you need to start this business is nothing less than #100,000. You will also have to visit your bank to procure a POS device.

Most banks can give it out on credit as you pay on installment, while some will require a particular down payment.

Just visit your bank, meet with your account officer, and explain to him or her your interest in acquiring the POS device.

Your account officer will give you a form to fill, which will entail your name, location, BVN, and other little details.

Getting a POS device is not hard, so don’t panic! With POS business, you wouldn’t ever run low on money again here in Nigeria.

4. Dropshipping Business                      

Some people might want to convince you that dropshipping is dead. But you know what, they are DAMN wrong.

The most intriguing aspect is that the risk involved is super low. The only expense you might ever spend will be getting a website.

I always recommend Namecheap, as I have been using them for years without any issues.

You don’t need to buy any product. In Dropshipping, you don’t own inventory. 

When customers order products through your website, you direct the order to your supplier, who handles both shipping and delivery.

You don’t need to do the hard work, as your supplier will handle the whole process, and the buyer will still think the product is from your brand.

To give you a better edge in this business, ensure you use this incredible AliExpress Dropshipping plugin called AliDrop.

With Facebook ads as one of your marketing strategies, you wouldn’t struggle to make millions this year.

Do you know where the magic lies? It’s in discovering incredible products that can sell very fast in your locality.

In that case, we might help you. Contact Us to book a consultation, where you’re matched with one of our professionals to discuss your dreams.

From your location, we will recommend excellent products, thanks to our years of market research.

Discovering the right product is where the secret lies, and it only cost you a penny to find the key to wonders – access to professional guidance.

Aside from that, you have nothing to worry about, as dropshipping moves fast in Nigeria.

5. Boutique Business

The last time I was at a boutique, I was astonished at how expensive these wears can be.

It is even infuriating when you discover that you can get these wears at a ridicules cheap rate.

It shows how lucrative this business is. If I’m asked to whisper my favorite business on this list, I certainly will go for a boutique.

According to numerous business persons, a boutique is one of the businesses that moves fast in Nigeria, without a halt whatsoever.

All you need to start this fast-moving business is to draw your business plan. 

Also, you will need a shop and some finance.

Where the secret lies are ordering cheap products from China and selling them here at a high rate.

Do you know that you can buy jeans for just $3 and resell them for over $30? 

That’s insane!

I even found a watch for $1, which we often sell for over $20. 

The reason many are not rich is that they lack the right information. 

This information will change your life if you put it to WORK.

6. Real Estate Business

Believe it or not, real estate has come to stay. You’ll keep hearing about it, not minding how tired you are already.

It’s understandable to feel repulsed about an investment or business, especially when overhyped.

But there are some businesses that worth the hype, just like Game of Throne. 

There are no many technicalities or protocols involved if that’s what you’re scared of.

You don’t even need to do anything, as you can invest your money with a real estate company.

The company pays you back some money in the form of profit from your investments.

In my opinion, that’s how a lazy man makes money!

But if you love some leg works and some sunshine, then I would advise 

building some residential buildings.

You can start with either a one or two-bedroom flat, then gradually work your way up as you gain confidence.

With time, you will be surprised how easily the money flows into your pocket without any stress.

At a point, it becomes like a GAME, where you’re always striving to attain the next level. 

That is how many became the richest in the world today.

If you’re looking for a business that moves fast in Nigeria, consider Real Estate Business.

7. Betting Shop Business

Do you know that is 3rd most Nigerian visited website?

Are you getting a hint?

Let’s use another approach to make this crystal for your understanding. 

It is speculated that Bet9ja gets over 6.18 million daily visits, which isn’t the point. The point is that there is a HUNGRY market out there.

Almost everyone is into sports betting and other forms of betting. These folks can spend the entire day booking games only to keep losing.

There have been many who lost their salaries in a matter of seconds.

Although such incident can be saddening, but to an entrepreneur, that’s an opportunity.

The profit potential in the business is incredible, and it moves fast here in Nigeria.

Going by the poverty rate and hostile environment, betting has become like an empowerment program.

Many believe that by opening a betting shop bsiness, you’re giving back to humanity in kind.

8. Gas Business

I wrote a comprehensive article a while ago about starting a Gas Business In Nigeria.

Indeed, the response I got from the article was flattering.

It was a flattery moment when I learned that a reader applied my business model, and it worked out.

Well, only a few are always ready to take action. 

Others devour information and never really do anything with it.

It’s like the biblical parable involving the seeds and the birds.

The latter folks are like those humans who received the word but failed to allow it to grow.

This business moves very fast, and you don’t need to break a bank to start either.

Although it isn’t cheap to start, it isn’t too high. To make it easier, we partnered with a Chinese company that deals on all the equipment you might need.

This include an LPG tank, Fuel Pump, and more.

That means we can recommend and deliver an LPG tank to any location of your choice in Nigeria.

Give this business six months, and your bank account balance will always be like your phone number.

9. Pharmacy

We’re now in the post-COVID-19 era here in Nigeria, which means the health industry is currently experiencing an exponential boom.

If you’re looking for a business that moves fast in Nigeria, you should establish a pharmacy store.

People are getting sick every day, and your business will not only save lives but make you rich too.

All you need to start this business is a detailed business plan drawn by a professional business consultant.

Secondly, you need a location that has high traffic.

Finally, you will need some license, clearance, and employees, especially if you don’t intend to run the business yourself.

With at least #1,000,000, you can start a pharmacy store in Nigeria and make money.

If you’re still looking for more ideas, here is a list of Businesses You Can Do With #500,000.

They move pretty fast, and they never stop spilling profit.

10. Your Business Idea

Which Business do you think deserves this spot?

Use the comment box below to explain the business and why it is lucrative.

Depending on how convincing your idea is, it will be added, with credit to you of course.


Starting a business is an admirable gesture.

It shows that you have the zeal to make money, and this zeal will indeed yield.

However, you need to take action if your desires are to every materialized into reality.

Dreaming, praying, and desiring isn’t enough yet, as you need to put in some physical effort and say NO to procrastination.

With determination and with us by your side, you wouldn’t have a problem succeeding in that fast-moving business of yours.

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