April 1, 2023

Latest Premier and Ghana Lotto Additions Key


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addition 90= 2:13:58:47
addition 119=19:38:39
addition 80= 51:56:6:11
addition 82=64:82:19:37
addition 105=28:53:8:73
addition 106= 78:48:42:84
addition 114=22:33:78:67
addition 77=1:69:46:24
addition 110=15 :51
Addition 116=50:67
addition 95=16:17:71:62:26
addition 88= 50:44::53::23

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Do You Need An Mpos/Pos Device For Your Business ? Whatsapp Me On 09099261730

21 thoughts on “Latest Premier and Ghana Lotto Additions Key

  1. Hello Brother,
    I really appreciate what you do to help people win lotto. Here I would like to know how you to the addtion numbers. Is it the addition of the 5 boxes of the win numbers or Machine? Would you explain

  2. Quite informative . Since there is additions, are there any subtractions sir ? If any how ?

    Now coming to the addition, does it matter whether they fall in machine or winning ? And I want you to help me on keys of lotto detailed or your what's app number . Mine is 09060955950

  3. There is subtraction on lotto reading, but the method has not been in use, only few forecasters work on subtractions as for me, I don't …
    Regarding if the addition fall in winning or machine, it doesn't matter where the addition falls either winning or machine, it works..

  4. Thanks bro for the latest info update sent across and may I know if you are on any watzsapp community forum where one could gain more information that could help me to upgrade, and then which number to hook up to? Thanks.

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